18 Months of Hosting

Paprika Hosting has supplied 99.95% uptime over the past 18 months. This includes scheduled downtime and significant server upgrades.

  • Operating system update (now supported until 2017)
  • Ongoing security patches
  • Database upgrade
  • Webserver upgrade
  • RAM increased (doubled)
  • More disk space
  • More CPU cores (doubled)
  • Opcode caching
  • Increased memcache availability
  • Improved WordPress architecture stack
  • Improved monitoring

Other than that it has been quiet

Some Testing
For a little fun, I ran some Apache Bench tests on a fairly standard WordPress blog being hosted on Paprika. Nobody noticed. I mean the results were good and all that. But, for me the best thing was that none of the other hosted sites were affected.

Server Upgrade – 18 Months Rock Solid Hosting

Over the past 18 months Paprika Hosting has achieved 99.99% uptime, and implemented numerous server upgrades.

Here is a brief bullet point of upgrades that have taken place:

  • Operating system update (includes security patches until 2017)
  • Web service architecture update
    • Web server upgrade
    • Database upgrade
    • PHP version upgrade
    • More memcache
    • Opcode caching available
    • Higher concurrency
  • Increased disk space
  • Double the CPU cores
  • Twice as much RAM

Feel free to contact me about any hosting requirements you might have.