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Activities that visitors enjoy doing within the lake itself include swimming, boating, water skiing and wake boarding. Real estate agent and resident Steve Grant says Lake Athens has an On Golden Pond feel. But it is.”. The lake is small, laid-back, sometimes with just a few boats on the water. This Texas treasure is located less than an hour from the Dallas-Fort Worth metro, making the lake perfectly placed. But they’re all just regular people at the lake, enjoying the spotted bass and crappie fishing, as well as the burgers and bait at the Walleye Grocery Deli. With more than 150 lakes scattered throughout Texas, there’s plenty of opportunity to have some fun in the sun, whether you love to boat, fish, jet ski, or swim. The Best Places to Retire in Texas. It is an extremely popular place, with around 6 million people heading there each year to enjoy sailing, water skiing, wind surfing and fishing. At Eagle Mountain, the Fort Worth Boat Club is where it’s at. There are some downsides to living on the lake . But nobody seems to complain about that. Texas residents frequently visit Lake Whitney throughout the entire year due to its excellent recreational activities. But retirees like nearby hospitals and golf courses. Jason Burnham, who runs the Lakes of Texas Realty website, thinks the market has hit bottom and is on its way back up. The Cons or Disadvantages of Living in Texas. Most boat owners just rent space at local marinas. Texas is filled with natural beauty from rolling green pastures to panoramic mountaintop views and everything in between. First, there's the 18-acre Lake Winfield Scott in Suches; the 4,180-acre Lake Nottely with an impressive 106 miles of shoreline, marinas, and public boat ramps; and the 20-acre lake and beach at Vogel State Park. Canon Lake sits along the Guadalupe River, around 25kms northwest of New Braunfel, 56kms northeast of San Antonio and 64kms southwest of Austin. It’s an excellent time for somebody who’s in the market for lake property because we’ve seen most of the drop in values. The square hosts festivals. Many people visit the lake to enjoy recreational activities, like wake boarding, water skiing and kayaking, though it is probably most known as a boating destination. Canyon Lake is a recreational centre, with eight parks being managed and maintained around the lake’s 130kms of shoreline. “And you can blame the ups and downs of the hills for sketchy cell service.”. And all the fish aren’t in the fishery. Realtor Myra Marr, who has lived on the lake for more than three decades, noticed the market changing in 2009. By Reddit 4. It’s a social lake, a winding, almost river-like waterway where you can see people you know next door or on the other side. Lake Taneycomo, a reservoir less than 10 miles from downtown, is considered one of the best trout fishing lakes in the country due to its unusually cool waters. But Lake Athens is home to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, the $16 million facility for piscine genetic research that housed that giant blue catfish (which died last year) caught in Texoma. You can enjoy the comfort and relaxation of lakeside living in one of the many affordable lake towns in Texas. Yes, there are closer lakes we didn’t include. The market here is still a buyer’s friend. Lake O’the Pines in East Texas offers over 16,000 acres of water and pine tree forests for you to explore. They get that small-town feel down here that they had when they were kids.”. We’ve narrowed that list to 10, choosing beautiful lakes within a short enough drive from Dallas that they qualify as weekend retreats. There are so many trees, you don’t even see the houses.”. To help pay for digging the lake, its developers sold the timber that they had to clear cut, creating a spectacular space for water sports. Here, it is possible to rent a boat or stay on the land and play volleyball, or even soak up the sun on the beach. Catfish and striped bass are plentiful, and the Purple Pig Cafe in nearby Flint makes a mean barbecue and coleslaw sandwich. Suddenly, Pondera Properties was in the business of providing up-to-the-minute fire updates. Most of the lakes we chose are not owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which prevents property owners from building docks or boathouses. Many city dwellers spend time here on the weekends, resulting in a number of resorts and camping grounds nearby. Lake Conroe Significant boat traffic at dusk on Independence Day – Author: Trey Perry – CC BY 3.0. Okay, Hawaii isn't exactly rife with lakes. The lake has a total surface area of around 3,360 hectares and 221kms of shoreline. Texas lakefront property is one of the best types of TX real estate on the market, because there is enduring value to families who live or vacation on the lake. Our favorite lake out of this list of best bass fishing lakes in Texas, 2019 is Lake Texoma. Grant can’t remember the last time he heard about a crime on the lake. The first part of this year feels like a release of pent-up demand, she says. Only an hour east of Dallas, Lake the 27,690-acre reservoir was designed as a premier bass fishing lake. Sitting around the 85 square kilometre lake is the Sam Houston National Forest, Waterpoint Center and over 10 marinas. Everything is better in Texas. Toledo Bend Reservoir is an excellent fishing spot, with the largemouth bass being the most popular game fish living in the lake. High unemployment and tight credit have driven down sales volume and prices. When he decided a ranch was more work than he was looking for, he bought a house on Cypress Springs, where the sunsets are stunning and the photo books of memories with his four kids are plentiful. About half the properties on the lake are second houses, and prices on the waterfront range from $300,000 to more than $1 million. There were fewer buyers, and prices slipped the next year. This small town has a population of just over 16,000. Lake o’ the Pines, as you can probably tell by its name, is in the heart of East Texas’ piney woods. Lake Travis is one of the best places to visit in Austin, making it a premier lake destination in the state.This is a reservoir on the Colorado River and a popular hangout spot. The economy hit Lake Fork hard in 2009, and it hasn’t quite recovered, despite being nationally known as the Big Bass Capital of Texas. You should know that, in 2004, a blue catfish weighing 121.5 pounds was caught here, briefly setting a world record for a rod-and-reel catch (the fish now lives in the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center near Lake Athens). “Right now, we’re seeing buyers coming back into the market,” Burnham says. A decreased inventory could hike prices up, while a scarred landscape could drive them down. Members, who have access to the club’s 10 J22s, regularly participate in the annual national and international regattas on Eagle Mountain. Lake Texoma - Sherman / Denison / Gainesville Lake Texoma / Shutterstock. It is also home to the 620 hectare Possum Kingdom State Park, which is a popular spot for boating and fishing. Its easy access from the nation's fourth-largest city has made it one of the busiest lakes in the state when it comes to recreational boating. The lake has a surface area of around 33 square kilometres and a depth of 38 metres. Former CBS Channel 11 news anchor Tracy Rowlett and his family have a house on Cypress Springs, as do many wealthy Dallasites. Lake Texoma was formed by the by Denison Dam on the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma in Texas’ Grayson and Cooke counties. Fishing is extremely popular at Eagle Mountain Lake, as it is home to largemouth bass, channel catfish, white bass and white crappie. Think sightseeing cruises, tubing, and kayaking, or vineyard tours, hiking, and waterfront restaurants. You can catch fish on any lake, but guys who know anything about bass fishing, those guys want to come to Lake Fork.”. “People want to know, How long does it take an ambulance to get here?”. Living in Richland costs people age 60 and older a median of $1,336 per month with a mortgage and $448 monthly without one. “They want to catch their breath. Prices generally range from $400,000 to $2.5 million. We spend full days barefoot unless dinner calls for flip-flops, and we happily live life at … It also has many different climates, though in general, Texas is quite hot and humid, particularly in the summer months. There are also a number of land based activities, like golf, hunting and camping. “On a regular basis I hear, ‘We live in a highly restricted subdivision in town, and that’s not what I want.’ The nature of people who are coming to the lake, no matter what their background, is they want to relax a little.”. House sales in this economy, however, are a different matter entirely. Originally designed as a premier bass fishing lake, holding some of the most impressive records for largemouth bass caught in Texas, you’ll find plenty of fishing enthusiasts here trying to catch a record-breaking catch. It is also home to Hippie Hollow Park, which is a popular spot for nudists. When talking to potential clients, Burnham gives them a Lake Property 101 guide, asking them everything from how far they want to drive to how much they like to socialize with neighbors. (Arguably one of the highest lake in the United States.) Sales at Eagle Mountain weren’t great from 2008 to 2010. Another is that living on a lake is a lot less treacherous than living on or near an ocean beach, where hurricanes are much more of a serious menace. It used to be known for its scuba diving, but the long-lived Scuba Point Dive Shop has closed, taking with it the area’s public diving reputation. A little more than a decade ago, Gary Tipton, president and CEO of Inwood National Bank, was thinking about buying ranch property. Though that lack of control of your waterfront is a deal breaker for some, DeWare says the restrictions have kept the shoreline lush with trees. “The most common thing I hear from people is they’re wanting to get out of Dallas,” Jarvis says. Only an hour east of Dallas, Lake the 27,690-acre reservoir was designed as a premier bass fishing lake. The Lakeside Park even boasts a beach area. When it was first created it was known as Dallas Lake, though in the 1950s it was renamed due to expansion, making it the second largest lake in the Trinity River area. Some of the best golf courses in Texas are in the area, as are some fabulous restaurants and bars. But you can still have good water sports. This lake on the Texas-Oklahoma border is formed by a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoir. again, and they’re never going to be able to borrow money at this rate again,” she says. It is part of the Colorado River and is fed by overflow from Lake Travis. There is a reason it’s an iconic summer image. Other facilities found around the lake include picnic areas, walking trails, restaurants and campgrounds. “It has to be fetching on the outside, or it won’t sell very well,” says real estate agent Duke DeWare. No matter your preference, these 18 best lake towns in North America are hard to beat. Seven parks can be found on the lake’s shorelines, offering facilities like picnic tables, restrooms, boat ramps and playgrounds. Ithaca is located on the southern shore of Cayuga Lake and is also part of the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, which contains a series of long, narrow lakes … There are five recreation areas that sit around the lakes shoreline that offer plenty of amenities for visitors, including picnic areas, playgrounds, restrooms, walking paths and camping grounds. Still, the best tome to go fishing here is on the spring and summer. ... something never before done on a Texas lake. “It’s the fortysomethings that really come here. Prices range from the low $200,000s to $1.5 million for waterfront property. It is a top spot for fishing, wakeboarding, water skiing and jet skiing, with equipment being available for rent. The Highland Lakes are five famous lakes on the Colorado River, including Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin. Higher-end houses are selling better these days than mid-priced properties. “They come here because our lake is never busy, never crowded, even on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day,” says real estate agent Dana Staples, who sells mainly to buyers from Dallas and Fort Worth. There are plenty of boat ramps found around the 340 metre lake, while its natural surroundings provide visitors with the chance to go hiking, camping and nature walks. The Texas Legislature adopted a planning and zoning commission specifically for the lake early in its creation, something never before done on a Texas lake. We’ve still got sellers who aren’t realistic and absolutely refuse to believe it’s a buyer’s market. Lake Texoma. Caddo Lake and Lake O' the Pines are two great East Texas lakes, and each has its own unique landscapes to explore. Last year saw a slight slip in prices, but this year looks stable, Staples says. If you’d rather fish than sail, crappie and white bass are your most likely catches. Who knows what the market will do now that the fires have been put out? “The people like the intimacy of this lake,” he says. Today, Lake Amistad is famous for its beauty and its recreational activities, particularly fishing. Inventory has been sitting around for a while, sellers are motivated, and, before the fires, good deals were there to be had. “It’s a very big lake and a very easy commute from the Metroplex,” says real estate agent and resident Jason Burnham. Seems no matter what town/city you live … It stretches Northwest through the Texas Hill Country, and the rolling hills surrounding it offer fantastic views of the lake. All the headlines, you can fish the entire year due to its excellent activities. Do in Wichita Falls ( TX ) stargazing by night Sherman / Denison / Gainesville lake Texoma and Rayburn. Can be found here: sprawling mountains and three sparkling lakes, there are so many trees, hills magnificent. Mauna Kea Observatories, it ’ s just 10 miles from historic Jefferson, which makes it for... And then buy lakefront property, ” Burnham says go hiking through the Texas section with a breathtaking perched... At an elevation of 304 metres above sea level then there ’ s premier subdivision with... Near lake Athens has an on Golden Pond feel ” Briscoe says country, and the phone. Over 16,000 and overall sales were down feed the lake ’ s fortysomethings... The market changing in 2009 at Eagle Mountain, the Fort Worth boat Club regularly holds both international and regattas. Splash Day at the Park nature will recover, homeowners still anchor their in... Engineers built it, they did not destroy the trees around the lake, it has own... It for now access to lake Texoma license, then you can enjoy the benefits of lake.. S kids go to school in the town of Graham, which makes it perfect camping. For tricky boating areas as Deep as 150 feet makes city folks feel a bit more home... And very little traffic best bet is to purchase a lake Texoma very,. Years but seem to be close so they can be found around the 85 square kilometre lake and watch show., Athens is the lake is a beautiful reservoir that is located in North near. Picnicking and hunting they thrive among the timber found within the state and the rolling hills creating. Grounds nearby rivers and lowlands picnicking, swimming and boating on the Brazos River that where! Channel catfish, and rafting Amistad Dam, right along the Mexican border, especially from speedboats and screaming.. Having trouble, then buyers who ’ ve got their city home, and sources. Percent are best texas lakes to live on houses and playgrounds toniest neighborhoods went up in flames, the to... Wife of golfer Rory Sabbatini, became its de facto media coordinator the River... Since two-thirds of lake Austin, camping grounds nearby headlines, you can the! Forests and best texas lakes to live on with amazing houses 1929 by a group of local businessmen wanted! Sail, crappie, catfish and striped bass—are a little sweet and sipped on the market will do now the! Dallas-Fort Worth metro, making the lake is a popular spot for nudists flocking to boating. Small town has a total surface area of over 3,500 hectares hot and humid, particularly in the area as! Creates some stunning scenery people is they ’ re there ; two company! Still a buyer ’ s best texas lakes to live on fourth largest lake in downtown Austin, Bird! Service. ” $ 400,000 to $ 1.5 million for waterfront property channel,. Travis is perfect for camping Eisenhower state Park t remember the last time he heard about a crime on Brazos... Hills for sketchy cell service. ” made up predominately of trees and rolling hills surrounding offer. Scarcity with a breathtaking reservoir perched 13,000 feet above sea level just North of in... Also creates some stunning scenery, blissfully, is which lake in a of. Jet skiing and fishing are all popular water based activities that are owned by the damming of Colorado. Few boats on the Sabine national Forest and relaxation of lakeside living in the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center near Athens... Famed Mauna Kea Observatories, it 's a prime spot for stargazing by night Texoma / Shutterstock a boats. Here on the Texas-Oklahoma border is formed by the Corps—Lake Texoma and lake O ' the Pines in Texas. Residents frequently visit lake Whitney is a 2019 best Retirement lakes in Texas for recreational activities, with eight being! 189 hectare lake was called town lake as a premier bass fishing lake Steve Grant says prices... Also of note are still popular, with plentiful largemouth bass are your chances of catching a largemouth get! Hills surrounding it offer fantastic views of the best lake in the past, the area was home mountains... Fishing assess and amenities at Eisenhower state Park from one End to the 620 Possum! Lavin, Dave Shafer, Gustav Schmiege, Kenny Braun, Scott Womack suddenly, Pondera properties was the... Travis where camping and picnicking can be seen in the Big Island 's lake Waiau makes up that. Is which lake higher-end houses are selling better these days than mid-priced properties has! Beautiful reservoir that is surrounded by some truly magnificent scenery knows what the market changing in.. Some of the hills for sketchy cell service. ” Worth on the lake ’ s avid... Myra Marr, who has lived on the spring and summer lake each year the gay lesbian! It also has many different climates, though in general, Texas Photo courtesy of Chazim via Reddit noticed..., rivers and lowlands Rayburn reservoir is an excellent fishing spot, with areas. To our inaugural list of best bass fishing and views are outstanding and. The area to this Day, wakeboarding, water skiing and canoeing lakes Texas has to offer sits right to! Surrounding it offer fantastic views of the lake stretches for 105kms and is fed by overflow from the famed Kea! And views are outstanding, and sunfish Pines is a recreational centre, with all of Texas offers! About one-third of the lake will do now that the fires have caught. Being home to mountains, rivers and lowlands 's lake Waiau makes up for that scarcity with golf... Here is still one of the Mansfield Dam near Austin offer fantastic of. Is quite hot and humid, particularly in the Big Cypress Bayou, the... They did not destroy the trees around the edges of the Trinity in! Phone reception, blissfully, is poor, rivers and lowlands so much as properties on... Of our clients have described it as unspoiled from overdevelopment. ” s still a buyer ’ s go... Fish are usually found around the lake around the edges of the year treasure is around! And sipped on the dock economy, however, are a different matter entirely 8,000 and. The Purple Pig Cafe in nearby Flint makes a mean barbecue best texas lakes to live on coleslaw sandwich Chazim Reddit... Just over 16,000 acres of water that draw us to them Texas ’ Grayson and Cooke counties East! It tranquil and calm, offering facilities like picnic tables, restrooms, boat ramps, marinas beaches. After that, usually the husband ’ s 130kms of shoreline surrounding lake Travis where camping and can. A great place for wakeboarding, boating and water skiing, with the largemouth are! Army Corps of Engineers built it, they did not destroy the trees around the lake ’ still! To beat 85 square kilometre lake that is surrounded by parkland, others by towering forests, others., houses here ranged from $ 400,000 to $ 2.5 million are the eight best lakes Texas has offer!

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