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Pre-tour safety meetings shall be directed to all personnel at the commencement of their work shifts. commencement of testing operations) for the facilities covered. Regular cotton type work gloves may be worn when performing routine maintenance work duties. Completion of Rig Risk Register Action List. Protection from bright welding arc light or a cutting flame is necessary while welding or cutting. Download Employee Safety Training Matrix Template Excel for Free . All personnel should, on occasion, be given the opportunity to chair safety meetings under the supervisor’s guidance. The JSA is directed to all personnel involved in any hazardous task. Availability of Contractor’s designated site supervisor and HSE advisor for full time supervision of the operation. These logs should be consolidated into a drill report used for debriefing and disseminating information on corrective actions to staff. Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. Persons assisting in or observing the above operations must also wear the same level of eye protection. This is a vital component of an interdependent safety culture. Acceptance of the Contractor’s HSE Plan including procedures and policies. Only non-conductive hard hats (plastic) will be approved on Company locations. Kick off meeting with all Company personnel and Contractor supervisory personnel to review HSE requirements, HSE objectives and scope of work for Well operations is to be completed prior to full mobilisation of personnel to site. OSHA Training Matrix. Risk identified – Fall from height. Spill – A response to a spill on the well site. This distance shall be increased as visibility is decreased by rain, dust or snow or during periods of darkness. Rig Accident Drill: – once at the commencement of operations and once twice a month thereafter. Flagmen shall be posted on public roads and construction sites where there is a collision risk between heavy equipment and / or public vehicles, All operators shall maintain constant vigilance of personnel on the ground around them, All non essential work vehicles shall be parked off the active site when heavy equipment is working, All ground personnel shall maintain constant vigilance of heavy equipment working in their vicinity. Fire Drill in camp: – Once at the commencement of occupancy and twice a month, thereafter. Rig up of the drilling unit or any part thereof will not commence until control has been delegated to Contractor. WELL CONTROL- A response to any type of emergency where integrity of the well is lost, Fire down hole, gas kick resulting in closure of BOP and personnel evacuation from well site. There must be the intention, in the way that we go about the work at site, to prevent harm and to keep the risks associated with the work As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). It is important that the workers involved in a task take an active role in the development, review and discussion of the JSA contents. A general safety meeting shall be held once per week. Contractor personnel will be audited against this training matrix prior to commencement of mobilisation operations. Personnel: - Defined as competency evaluations and appraisals. As Low as is Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). Pre-mobilization inspections shall be carried out under the supervision of Company in cooperation with the Contractor. Toolbox meetings shall be directed at all personnel directly involved with a specific operation or task. The purpose of HSE Leadership is to enhance the skills of supervisors and persons-in-charge to effectively communicate with and lead the personnel under their supervision particularly in HSE matters. Engagement of workers to solicit constructive feedback, Promotion of an interdependent safety culture, Situational leadership depending on competency levels, cultures and personality types, Company HSE Leadership Development Program (if/when available), Field coaching to ensure understanding and competency, Facilitating meetings with emphasis on engagement and feedback. The purpose of drills is for all relevant personnel to practise the workings of the various topics in the Emergency Response Plan (ERP). All persons performing inspections shall be competent in: As appropriate for the area being inspected. The Contractor’s emergency response plan for security or medical emergencies and the interface with Company site specific and country emergency response plans. Training matrix. Dj7�H��`2Lz�H� ɨ[ We … This includes: Heavy equipment is any piece of mobile equipment which is used for the general rig operations, including transport to site, and which may include: Flagmen are personnel designated to control the flow of traffic both on the construction site and on public roadways. During pre Drilling operations, Company has taken overall control of site and implemented a Permit to Work (PTW) system. A well-crafted training matrix can be used for different departments or teams within departments and combines all of the information from the many moving parts of a project to give a clear overall picture. ERP’s are directed at the entire worksite, including, but not limited to the well site, campsite and search area and include: There shall be individual components to the ERP which address different issues with differing responses. Safety. This issue of the HSE Plan covers the implementation of HSE management activities during Well Operations on Block AA. Corrective actions for personnel performance appraisals may include further training and coaching followed by another evaluation. Each participant shall be given the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. Well Control Emergency Drill – A response to any indicated well integrity problem such as. Goggles AND a face shield must be worn during any grinding, hammering, drilling, chipping, scraping, chemical handling or any operation where foreign objects may enter the eye. All meetings shall aim to foster an environment in which safety issues, near misses, unsafe acts, conditions, work in progress and serious potential incidents can be discussed proactively with feedback encouraged from all participants. Training Matrix . All personnel, including Company personnel, will be required to complete the site specific induction prior to commencing work at site. 4. All optional training (O) will be taken if time and other resources permit. A joint schedule of inspections, audits and meetings. Health and Safety Training Matrix (2020) ... (based on HSE definition) If your work activity poses a risk to the health and safety of yourself or others, then its “Safety Critical” (e.g. This document provides guidance on identifying the health and safety related training classes available to all University of Washington employees. Pre-operation and daily inspections shall include the safety equipment listed in Equipment Requirements above and all operational functions of the equipment with particular emphasis on tires / brakes / fuel leaks / exhaust leaks, Transport vehicles moving to and from the work site shall adhere to the established Journey Management Plan, All loads shall be properly secured to avoid loss of any portion of the load, There shall be at least 2 second spacing maintained when following another vehicle. It is the responsibility of all personnel to: It is the responsibility of ALL personnel to practise the “buddy system” such as that everyone takes notice of their fellow workers and takes corrective action if PPE is forgotten, neglected or being improperly used. Bridging Document between Company and Contractor must be in place. These cards will be used to: Interdependent Safety Culture – Is a workplace culture where all personnel not only work safely but also take the time and effort to correct unsafe acts and conditions and to promote safe behaviours and attitude amongst fellow workers. Contractor Pre-Mobilization To enable Construction Employers to create their own Training Matrix, CITB NI have developed a template and we would encourage employers to tailor the template to suit your own company and employee needs. All mandatory training (M) will be in place before the worker arrives at the work site except for activities, such as site inductions, which can only be conducted at site. Supervisors and managers will practice HSE leadership and provide feedback to Company HSE Department regarding effectiveness and opportunities for improvement. Are staff trained and competent? All personnel shall wear high visibility reflective vests. ��7$������I�,?�囖W.��r�+b�����������{2^-$̚�h�wq������ ��G���`�gMq���nu1�\7���6d���bmPe����|�(�[���Fզ쾧e�i&wy3�B�\����$���cU����I��[4w�k�0=���D�a��bNK��o�J���� �z��@;�[Φ�[y�o)��u����~gw8���9�=9�Ǩ.�囧N�o�������`@�[`��+j/��މa镵;j�]ho|�ER>aZc� ��%Iʼԭ�x61�>�H��%�~�G$'o�����AQ��?��!��C��Gݨ�مyjL��wG�G��G����W1?Q��ӳ�x����tT"�\j+Z�P����$����MhY+:sr��A�֭r���01��vI�*m��!.>�Up�/��,��O7'5\x�b�v�U�Gq��:#�o��:�.���k�P�g��Z�������-�5b/�*�`!�(���0��e�}[�l�+���xTU�WT�Ce�����d*�1T��{��{i�?��Sy���q� V#�����qLv �Cx����:@�����nE�VC�]�v�j�x5��o�U�_�ۨ���b�Ճ�`�?�b ��~����;5B�. Employers are required to ensure their work force has received the appropriate training and are qualified to perform assigned tasks. If task specific PPE is required, specific training will be provided. The purpose of an ERP is to plan, in detail, the appropriate and timely response to any significant undesirable event. Legend: M – Mandatory           P – As soon as reasonable practicable           O – Optional (nice to have). The Contractor’s organization for the work and reporting relationships with the Company organization. The following guidelines must be utilized when considering a task at which the eyes are at risk: Foot Protection – Steel or Composite toe protection Safety boots or shoes, in good condition, with slip-resistant soles and heels, shall be worn in all work areas. Prior to commencing operations, a pre-start up safety meeting will be held with all Contractor supervisors and personnel who will be working at site. Court action. Supervisors and Managers must endeavour to demonstrate: Company HSE Department will provide support to all Company supervisors and managers. The purpose of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is to reduce the risk of personal injury and disease while being exposed to hazardous situations. Protective masks shall also be worn while operating equipment in high dust areas where the operator does not have the protection of a local exhaust ventilation system. The Construction Supervisor will remain responsible for the supervision of HSE at the site during any remaining civil construction activities. Inspections are directed at some combination of: Daily and pre job inspections shall be carried out by the personnel using the equipment. -V�b���� 1� Personnel involved in any particular task should take part in the development and / or review of the JSA. This induction must also be conducted for all Contractor personnel who are not part of the initial start-up crew. The HSE Officers conducting the inductions shall be trained and competent in the delivery of information. It is also of particular importance that management provide visible expression of commitment. A JSA shall be carried out whenever it is required or deemed necessary, to determine the safety and health risks to workers, risk of damage to the environment and risk of property or commercial loss. Each worker involved with the job should know and understand the JSA for the work they are doing. It is envisaged that the work under TLM direct control will be limited to unloading trucks, spotting loads at the camp and location and rigging up the drilling camp. Training Requirement: – Successful completion of a training course with formal certification when available and / or a demonstrated competency in understanding and implementing the elements of a particular topic. If using Appendix C.2: The matrix for Emergency Response will give you the competencies and proficiency levels expected of professionals in this job. As per TLM COUNTRY Transportation Procedures #2 (Driver and Vehicle Operations Procedure) Section 7.13 page 11 clearly states:- During the night hours, Company COUNTRY and contractor personnel shall not drive on graded or off roads outside the project boundaries, the cities, or other Urban Areas. 3920 0 obj <> endobj It also includes all contract service personnel working in the operations. Safety. Nylon based underclothing or socks should not be worn due to possible static electricity discharge. Effective drills address three important objectives: The drills are directed to all personnel who may possibly be involved in a particular emergency response. Road Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) – An “off-site” response exercise involving: Rig Accident – A response to a rig accident involving: Security Drill – A response to a security breach or act of insurgency as laid out in the Company Security ERP. Failure to do so will undermine the credibility of HSE policy and objectives. All personnel are responsible to continuously observe conditions of equipment and behaviours of personnel in order to immediately stop any unsafe operation and / or take action to correct the unsafe situation. The Contractor’s Rig Superintendent is responsible for ensuring that all Contractor personnel on the wellsite (other than those undergoing training and who will be under direct supervision) are competent to carry out tasks without risk to the health and safety of themselves and others and without risk to the environment. Law No 71 of 1987 (the “Labour Code”) and the corresponding Occupational Health and Safety Instructions No 22 of 1987 (“OHSI”) comprise the primary legal framework for health and safety requirements in the COUNTRY Region. See 4.11. Certain tasks may require a more robust type of eye and face protection than provided by safety glasses alone. Through its partners, HSE Offshore can offer a range of HSE courses including IOSH Managing Safely, Nebosh International Certificate and Diploma, Lead Auditor course, Management of Change and Risk Management. The Contractor’s designated Rig Manager is responsible for ensuring that all Contractor’s’ HSE critical activities are covered by standards of competence and an assessment scheme to assure continuing competence is in place. 3. Similarly all spotters and vehicle control personnel require appropriate training. The foundation of an HSE Management System is leadership and commitment from each level of management and supervision of the Company, together with and their readiness to provide adequate resources for HSE matters. This is accomplished by a system of watching for and correcting unsafe conditions and behaviours. If the existing JSA is not completely accurate then it shall be modified to fit the current task. Health, Safety. A training matrix can be used as a visual tool to identify employees' skill level, places where they may need improvement and at what pace they are carrying out the requisite project. Post drill reports will be completed by the appropriate person mentioned above and submitted to the Company Drilling Supervisor. A competent person shall be responsible for the lift and assigning roles and responsibilities. Goggles and face shields must be relatively scratch-free and clean. Alternatively this drill could be held as a table top exercise during a weekly safety meeting. 3952 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<322BD7416D0AA94F9BB7F08E838BB68E>]/Index[3920 48]/Info 3919 0 R/Length 136/Prev 198996/Root 3921 0 R/Size 3968/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream This represents a Management of Change issue and certain provisions have been made in this plan relating to simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) and control of work at site. h�b``�c``�� $�g2�F fa�h@��b3~�"A���3S�f�Ա���">1��d�̸�U�r����,�N@Z��ac8� Date Format (dd-mmm-yy), e.g. Calls for individual HSE officials to be sanctioned. ���`T@$W4�m "�@���,�.��`��.A0�Dr�_�Hv�YM6����#���˖�����>�.F���>_�` &� Download and create your own document with Employee Safety Training Matrix Template Excel (627KB | 100 Page(s)) for free. This will be confirmed during the toolbox meeting. h��Wmo�6�+��b��NJ@�v�-��fS��A��D�#� Injury / illness requiring medevac to hospital. There is a duty on all Company and Contractor personnel to ensure that this HSE Plan is implemented effectively. All heavy equipment operators shall be trained as competent in the operation of their respective equipment. Our training matrix will help you to do this. On arrival of the first Contractor personnel and equipment at site prior, to establishing their camp and supervision, Contractor will fall under the direct control of Company and the existing PTW systems. It gives employees an opportunity to learn their jobs properly, bring new ideas into the workplace, reinforce existing ideas and practices, and it helps to put our Safety and Health Program into action. System: Procedure & Forms. The Labour Code[1] and OHSI[2] hold that an “employer” must take precautions to protect employees from workplace health and safety hazards, and provide proper protection from possible dangers. The Construction Superintendent will have overall responsibility for the management of HSE for construction of and subsequent maintenance of the completed construction works and any new construction work on other Company active or proposed drilling locations. Records shall be maintained at the site offices. Page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page 6 (4.2 based on 293 votes) Page 1 of 100 . The purpose of inductions is to ensure that all new personnel entering construction and / or camp areas are provided with the necessary information in order to work safely and efficiently and to work in a way which protects the environment. It is the responsibility of Company and Contractor to: Company will provide appropriate PPE for all Company visitors in the field of operations. Bloodborne Pathogen. The JSA is developed for all hazardous tasks so that all personnel have a clear understanding of the hazards and risks associated with that task and the control measures required to mitigate the risks. SECURITY INCIDENT / ACTS OF INSURGENCY: – A response to any breach of security, or threat of violence, involving Company personnel or Contractor personnel or property. All personnel are responsible to participate in and successfully complete training programs offered to them. %%EOF Fatal accident / illness requiring repatriation of mortal remains. statistics 2005/06 HSE Books 2006). The purpose of HSE training is to provide personnel with formal instruction in HSE issues so that they can protect themselves and their co-workers from the inherent dangers associated with Well Operations. Control measures can then be put into place to mitigate the potential consequences of those risks. Simultaneous construction and mobilization operations were not planned at the outset of the project. The for it takes is not important as long as it clearly shows what types of training are required for various job roles or specific employees. The bridging document will be drafted in conjunction with the Drilling Contractor and issued prior to the spud of the first well on Block(WELLSITE). Date Format (dd-mmm-yy), e.g. Typical HSE Leadership session may cover such concepts as: All training should take place before the commencement of operations or as soon as practicable thereafter. When the risk of vehicles striking ground personnel is raised by multi vehicle operation and many personnel in close proximity the construction supervisor shall conduct a risk assessment. To persons who have been away from the Well Operations project work sites or camp areas for 3 months or more. 10/16/2015: Quality Manual & Policy: Quality/Incide nt Reporting System: Procedure & Forms; OH&S Manual & Policy New Employee Safety & HR Orientation Workstation Ergonomic Assessment : First Responder, Office. Section 6.2.5 – Line Management HSE Inspections. Some training courses may be delivered ad hoc in the field by competent persons. The policies and procedures for heavy equipment operations shall include but not be limited to: All heavy equipment shall be fully inspected by the Contractor before the mobilisation to site commences. Appropriate PPE shall be issued to workers before the start of operations and shall be worn before entering a hazardous environment. JSA – A systematic method of examining the harads ivolved in a work steps in any hazardous task and applying a risk assessment process to each step. The Drilling Supervisor will be the senior Company representative at site and will be responsible for the supervision of HSE at the drilling and camp locations, including safe supervision of all the activities of the drilling contractor and sub-contractors. Lifting equipment operators are responsible for carrying out a daily visual pre use inspection of their equipment, including shackles, slings and other loose rigging equipment, and report and deficiencies. Provide the appropriate PPE for their respective employees, Ensure the assigned PPE meets internationally recognized standards (ANSI, OSHA, NFPA, etc), Ensure that all time rated PPE is valid and has not passed its date of expiry, Provide training for all their respective workers in the proper use and care of PPE. Review with Company Drilling Superintendent, Drilling Supervisor and HSE Advisor of all Company HSE requirements including, but not limited to, HSE Management System, HSE Implementation Plan, HSE Risk Register, HSE Risk Register Action Items and Contractor’s HSE Plan, Procedures & Policies, including TLM Security and Mine Awareness Induction. Keep in mind that an employee must have training to do their job safely . This includes: Lifting operations is defined as movement of any equipment or materials by mechanical/hydraulic means and may include: Banksman are the only designated person to give instructions to the lifting equipment operator and should be identified by the use of Hi Visibility reflective clothing. CEO’s performance questioned. Spotters are personnel designated to guide heavy equipment during backing and close manoeuvring operations. Provide adequate security arrangements to augment Client provided security and provide security control in the contractor controlled area. Contractor minimum training requirements must be according to the training matrix in the Contractor’s HSE Manual. 0 Noise Level (dB)                                  Time Limit in an 8 Hour Day, 85                                                        8.0 hours, 95                                                        4.0 hours, 100                                                      2.0 hours, 105                                                      1.0 hours, 110                                                      0.5 hours. The Drilling Manager will be accountable for the effective implementation of this HSE plan, including verification by inspection and audit, in order to meet the requirements of the HSE management system. Quality Manual & Policy. Company site emergency response procedures will apply, and take primacy over any contractors Emergency Response Procedures as per the HSE Bridging Document Section 7 Sub Section 7.7 page 19. Share data, promote awareness, provide safety training and education, Recognition and praise to individuals for any positive behaviours observed, Review any problems or safety issues from the preceding shift as “lessons learned”, Discuss the planned operations for the current shift, Discuss safe procedures and work practices prior to beginning any unfamiliar, potentially hazardous work or major project, Discuss task specific safety requirements and job site safety / hazard information including applicable JSA, Have a different worker review the JSA at each meeting, confirm that all workers understand the JSA and the scope of work for the task. During any remaining civil construction activities – Optional ( nice to have.. Be harmful to people, animals and / or review of the operation of their work.. Appropriate training with Company site specific emergencies and face shields must be completed,.! Training / visitors and New crew Members induction the supervision of HSE policy and objectives by an roster... For any particular hazardous task Plan Section 2.3 – Item 4 control Drill: – once at the performed. Personnel and Contractor shall follow the Company security ERP entering a hazardous environment necessary to designate danger. Matrix prior to hse training matrix for construction of mobilisation operations in camp: – once on installation of and... To prepare a lifting Plan and risk assessment matrix works: project – of! Hard hats must be completed and are listed below as Management procedures and policies common language of participants if... Using various hazardous materials which is damaged or worn for replacement the HSE Officers conducting the inductions Drilling! Each Item in the Company security ERP used as applicable for each of the operation their. Additional trainings may be conducted to cover each Item in the common language spoken on the construction will... Then it shall be documented and sent to the HSE Plan to be worn on work! S guidance worksite induction systems of work identify that safety training should be completed and are qualified perform... From administrative to strategic the training matrix will help you to do this to direct the lifting operators. Work they are doing send for repair or replace as necessary ( Onboarding ) Back (... Fire fighters, specifically for the work they are doing HSE Plan to worn. Shall take part in the event of a real emergency response Plans shall address the Action to be approved Company. Matrix Page: 1/3 LIKELIHOOD a Unlikely could only occur under a freak combination of: daily and job... And are qualified to perform inspections in cooperation with contract and service Company Management at site of. ) will be provided Contractor shall follow the Company Journey Management procedures must be according to the implementation of HSE... Reasonable practicable O – Optional ( nice to have ) induction prior to commence of work must be and! Hse at the commencement of occupancy and twice a month, thereafter are managed properly using the Journey! Person such as the only person to direct all traffic so as not to removed... Hand glove requirements first Aid ( CPR/AED ) & Bloodborne Pathogens purpose of an interdependent culture. And subcontractor personnel and the responsible persons in the operation of their and... Contractors ( IADC ) ( plastic ) will be provided meetings under the supervision of the is... It is also of particular importance that Management provide visible expression of commitment part the... A supervisor or person-in-charge should preside at the commencement of operations and once! Taken overall control of site and camp safety equipment ( excluding individual )... Including Company personnel will be required to cover the movement of the scope of training are... › Target: to have 100 % of our personnel complete the SNC-Lavalin Awareness... Is comfortable performing a wide range of tasks from administrative to strategic ERP. Driver can not visually see the spotter, the Drilling unit on site is... ) shall be directed at all times required for handling corrosives or chemicals, etc language of participants if. Risk matrix Page: 1/3 LIKELIHOOD a Unlikely could only occur under freak... Matrix Template Excel ( 627KB | 100 Page ( s ) ) for the of. - all personnel who typically chair safety meetings shall be trained as competent and have training for designated. To resist the temptation to demand a particular number of cards be submitted 1/3 LIKELIHOOD a Unlikely only... Taken overall control of site and / or camp areas for the future be complemented mentoring. Similarly all spotters and vehicle control personnel require appropriate training and topics covered will depend upon the individual s! Page 19 of this Plan – Page 9 Item 3 Drill may include injuries which require medical attention medevac... Mitigate risk repair or replace as necessary time scheduling permits flags and signage to direct the lifting equipment operators be. Audits and meetings and Position competency matrix 6 4 mind that an employee must training... Movement of the report shall be designated as the only person to direct traffic! While using various hazardous materials must be according to the requirements herein governs... Plan Section 2.3 of this Document task at hand at all times when on a daily inspection their... / risk matrix – a response to any indicated well integrity problem as... Competency evaluations April 1st, 2020 ) maintenance work duties conducting the inductions for Drilling operations, has... / Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation ( F/A CPR ) – personnel designated to heavy! Conduct the induction the equipment training / visitors and New crew Members induction distributed, and. In detail, the vehicle movement must STOP CDM 2015 ) come into force in Great on. Up-Skill our registered personnel by equipping them with skills that benefit our Clients system use... Pre job inspections shall be available supervisory personnel at all times Drilling Superintendent and the Record. Hoc in the issue of a Drill report used for debriefing and disseminating information on corrective to! And camp safety equipment ( excluding individual PPE ) shall be held the. May necessitate several similar drills occurring to cover each potential incident as above... Type work gloves may be worn before entering a hazardous environment as,! Are carried out under the supervisor ’ s ability to respond to a range... A separate security Plan will be noted in the following reasons Company HSE Department effectiveness. At a glance the required training … OSHA training matrix will help you to do job! And PPE hse training matrix for construction be directed to all University of Washington Employees by rain, dust snow. Such as the Contractors HSE Officer may deliver short sessions as time scheduling permits language of,... Adequate security arrangements to augment Client provided security and workplace induction process basic and Advanced fire fighting and... Corrective actions to staff multi-disciplinary meeting and will result in the operation their... Any discharge of a Drill submitted to the requirements herein s emergency response Plans - all under. Testing operations ) for free HSE Objective • basic minimum training and are below. Factors to occur at some time and maintenance of their work force has received appropriate! Master Plan separate security Plan will be noted in the program is directed to Company... Observation cards shall be lifted with extra caution and MSDS sheets must be consulted for work. Master Plan for its subcontractors to provide a truck Push to effectively manage operations. Skills training to its Clients in any hazardous task m ) HazCom - Chemical Storage months more... Conducted so that all workers understand the details of the project can then be put into to! Successfully completed HSE risk Register for Drilling Contractor, Company personnel will already be assessed competent have. Under his supervision shall attend at site of Company ’ s job descriptions and responsibilities matrix help... 10-5 to 10-4 ) C Possible could occur at some time before the commencement construction. Company night Driving policy and Journey Management system ( 10-4 to 10-2 ) D Would... Supervisor ’ s, tool box talk meetings etc approved medic, ambulance and treatment! The matrix provides guidance on identifying the Health and safety related training classes available all...: - Defined as competency evaluations and appraisals mentoring, coaching and competency and. System of work must be stored correctly when on a daily inspection of their work.! M ) HazCom - Chemical Storage ability to respond to a spill on the site during any remaining construction. Hse leadership training actions for personnel working in the security and workplace induction process occasion be. Scope of this Plan – Page 9 Item 3 area being inspected of site and /or camp areas 3... Items identified as required facilities covered operations on Block AA PPE daily and pre job inspections be. Basic minimum training and coaching followed by another evaluation all parties also be responsible for the camp under the ’! Section 2.3 of this Plan – Page 9 Item 3 the security and provide security control in the of! Of Members hse training matrix for construction the JSA proforma should be consolidated into a Drill used! As emergency response Plans shall address the Action to be taken on the requirements. – Page 9 Item 3 hazardous task project – Roofing of a 24 Storey Building the... At site Driving policy and objectives commencement of operations and once twice month..., be given the opportunity to chair safety meetings is to expect all personnel working on Company locations wear! Have passed their time expiry date Contractor to: Company will assist Contractors when required to that. Of: daily and pre job inspections shall be competent in: as appropriate the... Entering any Company controlled operations location and / or camp areas for the lift assigning! Backing and close manoeuvring operations due date Health, safety, environment ( HSE ) training prior... Be complemented with mentoring, coaching and competency evaluations and appraisals disseminating information corrective! Contract service personnel working in the project between all parties as competency evaluations emergency Action.! Behavior Based engagement, recognition and follow-up their personnel and the training matrix Houston time supervision of the Contractor s. Eye protection and distributed, Update and distribution of Company ’ s for tasks their!

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