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Never really got to use since the 645N lens I had ordered arrived on time. Learn more. If you set anything, you'll see the three bars for AE bracketing move up and down with it. You can't change the order; its always N, - and +. The 645N is even easier to use than today's Nikons, and a lot easier to use than today's Canons. There's no light for the top LCD; you'll need a flashlight to check your exposure counter. The outer body is plastic, but tough plastic. The funny tripod hole is a second tripod hole for dedicated vertical shooting. I personally Still other cameras use 120 film for 6cm × 7cm … Tap it again to unlock the meter. There was never a combined split-image/microprism screen; you could get either one or the other, but not both on the same screen. Call 1-800-342-5534 or chat with us online! Pentax 645N battery drain. 4 items. They're compatible with the older 645 camera, too. If a dial is set to a shutter speed or aperture, you get what you set. To set the various exposure modes, just move the aperture ring and shutter dials. SMC Pentax-A 645 1:3.5 150mm Lens Used Excellent condition w/ Box,Case,Caps If you need to lock a reading, for instance, a shot with a light shining into the lens which you'll block while locking your exposure, you need to use the dedicated memory lock (ML) button. It goes off when power is turned off. Want your own Pentax 645… The finder is wonderful. SMC Pentax-A 645 … Please contact a KEH photography (1997-) If you find this Sell your camera today and get top market value. Look at the screen, or look for the in-focus dot at the bottom. When every dollar goes further, every exchange brings new ways to create and explore. Green means GO! google_color_url = "008000"; Optional grid, microprism or split-image screens were available. eBay is always a gamble, but all the other places have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed. I couldn't be happier! It is completely compatible with all Pentax 645 film backs and 645 lenses, both manual and auto focus. Browse Models - Pentax ME, Pentax K-30, Pentax 645D, Pentax … It replaced the manual-focus Pentax 645, and was later replaced by the very similar 645N II. The Pentax 645N adds autofocus, matrix metering, a shutter-speed knob, an exposure compensation knob, a self timer, a much brighter and sharper viewfinder with far more displayed information and film-edge data imprinting! It doesn't matter if you've chosen single or continuous advance mode. The click-stop diopters mean that the finder is always sharp without having to twiddle the adjustment each time. buy from Adorama, Amazon, Ritz, B&H, Calumet and J&R. You can find these used at these direct product links to Adorama and eBay. as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may The 645N allows exposure compensation in third stops, has an auto exposure lock and manual metering reads to thirds of a stop with a six-stop range bar graph! If you have the lens set to Auto, the preview lever stops the lens all the way down. Shop online and get free UK delivery on orders over £150. 1/1,000 ~ 4 seconds in full-strops in manual mode. They seem to be the trending and coveted camera for wedding shooters at the moment, commanding upwards of $3000.00, but there is a reason. AB-82: Adds split-image (only) in center for manual focus lenses. Paired up with these high quality Pentax professional lenses the 645n offers the clarity and pop that draws the most discerning photographers to medium format. -3.5 to +1.0 diopters with nice, solid click stops that won't get knocked. 119 results for pentax 645n Save pentax 645n to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. The 645N is a medium-format camera that produces 6cm × 4.5cm negatives, hence the “645” designation. You had to buy at least one film magazine for $175 and at least the 75mm AF lens for $420, bringing the cost for this camera new to $2,485, which is over $3,000 in 2009 dollars. The slide switch on the top right selects either the central spot only, or the entire central rectangular area for the AF sensor. Professional (previously called program), Aperture-Priority, Shutter-Priority and manual. have had to take, feel free to help me continue helping everyone. If you haven't helped yet, please do, and consider helping me with a gift of $5.00. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The old Pentax 645 goes about 40 hours if star trails are your thing. Fastest Shutter Speed with Flash (sync speed). Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by aris_gerakis|1, Apr 13, 2008. aris_gerakis|1. Then, there are cameras that are simply workhorses—the Pentax 645N is one of those cameras. Instead, there are two little nubbins which mate only to the special hardware you see above, which comes with Pentax' straps. //-->, 56 x 41.5mm, or roughly 6 x 4.5 cm, or "645.". Every exchange supports the passions and professions of fellow camera lovers. Today, you can buy one of these used for about $350 for the body with a film magazine, and about $100 or less will get you the manual-focus 75mm lens as shown. You can set it without taking your eye from the finder. When new, the Pentax 645N was an expensive camera. (1,280 g), stripped. The frame counter is always displayed, power on or off. Buy Used Pentax 645N & 75mm f2.8 Medium Format Film Camera Kit by Pentax from CameraWorld Limited for only £799.00. Take 5% off your first order when you sign up for our newsletter. AE bracketing never cancels until you move the lever back to 0. 645 film has 2.6 times the area of full-frame 35mm. You can get this special Op/Tech strap which includes its own special ends for $20. Even though the camera has auto focus capabilities, I only used manual lenses with it. Unlike most cameras, there is no default AE lock when you hit the self timer. Pentax 645N Medium-Format SLR Camera. The Pentax 645 system was and still is a great entry-level medium format camera. SMC Pentax-FA 645 lenses (autofocus) All existing SMC PENTAX-A 645 lenses can be used with the new 645N without any modifications (except for autofocus operation). AS-80: Standard screen: Matte everywhere. There is a multiple exposure button on the side, next to the strap attachment seen on the right above. You can use manual or auto focus lenses, all of which are very inexpensive used today. Check the five green marks above, and you're ready to shoot. When the meter has gone to sleep, tap ML once to wake the meter, which locks in that instantaneous reading. Play with this all you want; just remember that the memory goes away if the meter turns off. When using A 645 lenses, the 645N gives both audible and/or visual confirmation — as you manually turn the focusing ring. Exposures only go to 15 seconds in program or 4 seconds in manual. I upgraded to the Pentax 645N, which was from the 1990’s, and had a better metering system. April 2009            More Pentax Reviews, Intro   Specs   Performance   Usage   Recommendations. The ISO is displayed anytime the power is on, which you can leave on for weeks at a time. I can't vouch for ads below. Set up a virtual shopping call with one of our in-store experts, so you can … In 2010 Pentax … It only works if you've chosen an aperture on the aperture ring. Pentax smc Pentax D FA 645 55mm f/2.8 AL (IF) SDM AW Standard Lens - Black Product #: PRL26350 | Manufacturer #: 26350 Fixed 55mm standard-length focal length lens Built-in on a solid foundation, 645n upgrades include: autofocus (with AF lenses), more intuitive and ergonomic controls, classically styled knobs, and multiple metering patterns. Pentax' 645 lenses are fine, but not as stellar as the Hasselblad or Mamiya 7 systems if you like to shoot flat landscapes at infinity at full aperture. With no film, there is no display. Book your Virtual Personal Shopping Experience. Pentax 645n + 45mm + 105mm + 220 insert The Contax 645 system is a completely different horse, though. Slide the power switch to the middle position, and the beeper goes off when you're in focus.

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