bank of baroda international debit card charges

Wherever cheque books are printed by the customer after obtaining permission of Stationary and Security Form Department, Head Office, Baroda, the cost of paper should be recovered from the customer at the rate of Rs 1000/- per 1000 leaves (over and above charges to be paid by customer directly to the printer for printing. 50000 Waiver of TEV Study: (Wherever TEV study is waived by the competent authority), Upto Project cost Rs. Beyond First five transactions  per month (excluding withdrawals from ATM) charges of  Rs.100/- per transaction. 1 Crore and above @ 0.25% p.a for the unutilized portion. Click Here for Navigating to Forex Card Rates page of Bank Of Baroda website Purchase limit of Rs 2,00,000/- per day (POS), Card can be used for domestic as well as international transactions. In case of early redemption of the guarantee after a period of 2 months. 1,000 Above Rs. Education Loan for students of Premier Institutions (studies in India): Nil, Education Loan for Vocational Education and Training:  Nil. 7. If the borrower submits the property documents with in the validity period of pre- approval letter, balance amount of unified processing charges as applicable to Home Loan only will be recovered from the borrower. ; if any are to be recovered on actual basis. @ 0.40% p.a. Rs. 50,000 per day from ATM * Accidental insurance up to 2 lakh * Free domestic airport lounge access * 5% cashback on utility bill payment. Let our RuPay cards do more than cash withdrawal for you. For making any transaction after that, customers are charged up to Rs 20. These charges i.e. “ATM” means … You can withdraw up to Rs 50,000/- per day at all Visa member bank ATMs all over the world bearing VISA logo. Handling charges for bills returned unpaid. Rs 15/-, b)  Registered / Speed Post/courier – Actual, subject to Min. 25,000/-. Bank of Baroda! Where average utilization is 60% and above of the limit or as indicated in QIS statement, no commitment charges to be recovered separately. Risk taken by the Bank). the account from which purchase transaction, cash withdrawals, charges and fees related to the card are debited. 1000.00 per bill Additionally Rs. Rs. 500 (whether in full or part thereof)                              Where usance drafts are to be accepted, acceptance commission @ 0.10% p.m. to be charged; Min. One time charges at the time of acceptance/modification of instructions. Notes: (a) A non refundable Lump sum amount Rs 8,500/- per property (towards Advocate and Valuer charges) to be taken upfront in case of all Education Loan accounts, wherever property is mortgaged. Baroda Car Loan. All rights reserved, Baroda Connect (Net Banking) International, General/Regular- Baroda Advantage Account, Bank Of Baroda with Spice Agile Platform of MCA, Baroda Premium Current Account-Privilege (BPCAP), Baroda Small Business Current Account (BSBCA), Current Account for LIC/ Other Insurance Companies, Baroda Advantage fixed deposits (Non callable), Flexible Recurring Deposit Scheme – Yatha Shakti Jama yojna(new), Interest Subsidy Scheme For Housing The Urban Poor (ISHUP), Credit Risk Guarantee Fund Scheme for Low Income Housing (CRGFS), Baroda Vidya (for school education from Nursery to XII), Baroda Education Loan to students of premier Institutions, Government of India Interest Subsidy Schemes for Education Loan, Baroda Education Loan for EDP being offered by Premier Institutions in India, Baroda Education Loans for EDP being offered by Premier Institutions abroad, Higher Education & Skill Devp. c. All the above charges are applicable uniformly to individuals. Commitment charges will be levied in case of non-utilization / under utilization of Non Fund based credit facilities with limits of Rs. Based on the details entered in the online registration form, a brief suitability analysis will be conducted and the list of debit cards which are ideal for the customer will be listed out. 200. 5 lakhs and maximum of Rs. Where 100% cash margin (including FDR) is provided 25% of Normal charges as above is applicable. @ 0.50% p.a. Save some more money on international transactions at a foreign mark-up fee of 2%. It has total assets of appox. Additionally Rs. Periodicity of collection of above fees is annual. While issuing a debit card, BoB charges fee of Rs 150 plus taxes on visa and mastercard variants, while Rs 50 plus taxes is levied on RuPay card customers. Application form for BANK OF BARODA INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD I wish to apply for Bank of Baroda International Debit Card. 250.00 – max. 17.50 Lakh Other Advances No cap, Same processing charges for FB and NFB facilities as proposed above, (B) Processing charges for DL/TL/DPG/Corp Loan, (Fresh/Additional Limit) 1% of the limit sanctioned Cap for Exporters: Rs. Rs. Purchase limit of Rs 2,00,000/- per day at POS/e-commerce. Facility Discontinued as of now as per RBI directives. 10 Crore – Rs. This Card is based on Near Field Communication technology wherein the debit card need not to be dipped at the PO. 5000.00 per project. b.Usance: -1.5% p.a. Within one month from the date of closure of the loan: at the rate of Rs. Minimum of Rs. 0.50% per quarter or part thereof for the specified period of liability calculated on the amount of liability under such guarantees at the beginning of every quarter. Charges applied for actual number of days per annum basis. (Consultant fee ceiling to be fixed by the authority , who approves empanelment of consultants), (C) Vetting / waiver of TEV Reports Out of pocket expenses for TEV study, Vetting of TEV Reports: Where project cost > Rs. (Charges to be recovered at the time of submission of Bill of Entry), Merchanting trade transactions for Import transaction (Other than applicable charges for import bill i.e. Home » International Remittance International Remittance Customers can remit fund freely internationally in following currencies through TT/ Rapid Fund facility:- Free domestic airport lounge access, 01 per quarter. 50/- per on Call point, will be levied on the above given pricing grid. Restriction on International usage of Debit cards. Other than these charges, no Import Bill collection charges to be recovered. – Rs. 1 Crore - Rs. 01.07.2020, APPLICABLE TO ALL ABOVE SERVICES/ ACTIVITIES) Postal  & Telecommunication TARIFF, a)  Ordinary Post    – Actual, subject to Min. Commission for issuing bid bonds for supplies connected with deemed export/direct exports other than project exports shall be recovered to the extent of 25% thereof for the full period of validity of the bonds at the time of issue. I wish to apply for Bank of Baroda International Debit Card. 2. of money add transactions allowed per day - 4, Maximum balance in card (stored value) at any point - Rs 2000, Maximum per transaction limit for card for offline purchase - Rs 2,000, Maximum daily limit for card for no. 2 Lakh > Rs. 10 Crore – Fee of Rs. Minimum charges for any guarantee shall be, Processing of ODI transaction including generation of UIN. Study Abroad - 1.00% of Loan amount (maximum Rs 10,000/-) to be recovered upfront which will be refundable on availment (first disbursement) of loan. 3) While issuing a standby LC, service charges equivalent to commission on Financial or Performance Guarantee be recovered, according to the nature of the guarantee provided by the standby LC. 2000.00) (These charges i.e. 100.00 per shipping bill to be charged if the more than one shipping bill is submitted under a single export bill. 3% of the amount withdrawn. If your bank account is also in the Bank of Baroda and you want to get a new ATM-Debit Card, then you can do this work without even going to the bank branch. 01.10.2019 Mandate - Rs 100/-, RuPay Classic (Non Personalised/ Personalised), 1st Year Free & Second Year onwards Rs 150/-, RuPay Platinum (Non-Personalised/Personalised), 1st Year Free & Second Year onwards Rs 250/-, Visa Classic (Non Personalised/ Personalised), Visa Platinum (Non Personalised/ Personalised), Government Sponsored Schemes - Fee Exempted, ATM charges after free OFFUS transactions, For Classic variant : Rs 250/-   For Platinum variant : Rs 450/-, Gift Card -Issuance : For amount up to Rs 2,000/-, Gift Card -Issuance : For amount  Rs 2,001/- Rs 10,000/-, Gift Card -Card Usage Charges (Per balance Inquiry), Travel Card Stand by card fees - USD/GBP/EURO, Travel Card- Replacement Card fee in case of lost/stolen card (post age extra) USD, Travel Card- Replacement Card fee in case of lost/stolen card (post age extra) GBP, Travel Card- Replacement Card fee in case of lost/stolen card (postage extra) EURO, Travel Card- ATM Withdrawal fee USD/GBP/EURO, Travel Card- ATM Balance enquiry fee USD/GBP/EURO, Travel Card- Refund of balance in the card account : USD/GBP/EURO. 2.5% of transaction amount or Rs.10, whichever is higher. 50 lakhs. 300 Cr ( Where TEV study is done by PFD), Fees to be decided on a Case to case basis, (B) TEV Study (When report is shared with the customer). Change  of original instruction in respect of OBC/ IBC e.g. Available to all customers eligible for debit card issuance, No threat of card misuse when lost/stolen, Withdrawal at ATMs is Rs 25,000/- per day, Spend limit at POS is Rs 50,000/- per day. 1  Crore – Rs. Last Updated on: 8/10/2020Visitors: 40,41,06,100, Copyright © 2017 Bank of Baroda. The card makes merchant and online shopping very convenient and safe. ), Rs. Recovery of commission in lieu of exchange on import bills payment of which are settled out of foreign currency loans arranged abroad, foreign currency accounts and EEFC accounts. Non Individual ( CA,CC, OD) For Letter of  Acknowledgement & Duplicate TDR  -  Rs 175/- (in Both cases) Individual (SB, other deposits), Rural/Semi urban  branches , Senior Citizen and Pensioners at any branch. Key Benefits. Card Replacement Charges: Rs. In the case of queries related to debit cards, customers can call the support team on toll-free numbers 1800 220 400, 1800 223344, or 1800 1024455. 50000/- Or above  10 packets i.e. Cheques collected through our branch for another bank, For Immediate credit of outstation cheques -- Our usual collection charges should be recovered in full, Collection of other Banks deposits / receipts on maturity, If proceeds are invested in FD then no charges. You can … *Charges for stock audit of accounts with limits Rs. The card can be used at other ATMs and all point of sales (POS). Other Credit related Areas                                         Allowing interchangeability within fund based limits, within non-fund based facilities and between fund based and non fund based limits. Member Bank’s ATMs of National Financial Switch in the country. 24 for establishing a letter of credit shall be recovered for the additional amount, for the remaining period. 1. Card can be used for domestic as well as international transactions. You can do so by calling the customer care service 24/7. In pursuit to broaden product range and to provide alternatives to customers, Visa Vyapaar Debit Card has been introduced. The Bank of Baroda Platinum Credit Card offers its bearer the advantage of both a credit card and a debit card. If the bid materializes the balance 75% of the commission shall be recovered, else the commission previously collected will be refunded. 1500.00), (Min. 5 Crore – Nil Above Rs. Rs. You can transfer Rs.5,000 per transaction and Rs.25,000 per month. The rates vary according to the nature of the card issued. 2,000 can be done without PIN at POS. The bank was founded by the Maharaja of Baroda, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III on July 20 1908 in Vadodara. (Min. 250/-Debit Card PIN Regeneration. 100 per card: Charge Slip Retrieval Charges: Rs. It offers per day higher limits for premium category. Overview . You have access to your accounts 24 hours a day. Bank of Baroda Credit cards BOB Cards eterna credit card. No need to stand up in a queue for money. Visa Classic Debit Card is an ideal choice for your requirement of performance, simplicity, flexibility. Contactless transactions up to Rs 2,000 can be done without PIN at POS. In case of a Letter of Credit established against 100% cash deposit as Security. Bank of Baroda P.B. The card enables you to withdraw money and avail other facilities 24 X 7 days. from 11th/15th day of purchase as the case may be till the date of reimbursement. (A) Charges for TEV study (when report is not shared with the customer), Up to Rs.

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