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For golfers who struggle to repeat their swing from round to round, an adjustable driver like the Wilson Staff C300 can help them dial in the proper club head path. Makes sense though to it that way. Almost every single golfer that I have handed the EXS 220 to for testing (on a simulator, launch monitor, or out on the golf courses when weather allowed, and before the COVID-19 coronavirus closed down all golf courses around me) has gotten great results. I did the TRUEGolfFit for the driver. … Spin and launch are variables dependent on user. PLEASE REPLY. I think it’s a typo. Is it possible to see dispersion numbers for the drivers tested? Q: How is the Most Wanted Driver Determined. Know your audience. How They Ranked 1. Again, a topic for a much longer and possibly less convoluted discussion. One thing though – I much preferred the old table method because I could “select” the drivers I wanted to compare. Q: With all the talk of new face technology, is there one driver that produces significantly more ball speed? XXIO 11 is well-suited for golfers looking for a little extra head speed and slice correction. Nice work as usual. Take this data and apply it to your game. Tried 2018 models to keep price down; next year I’ll try some 2019 models. I know all of the drivers tested would be better with the best fitted shaft for a particular golfer. First, as always, thank you for everything you guys do. Or are they stock shafts and everyone is testing from the same head-shaft combination? Ping has produced a line of drivers with SFT (Straight Flight Technology) for the last 5 years or so. Or something else? : Why did Titleist drop the price on their latest SP driver line by My first thought every time these come out. Feel is terrible, sweet spot is N/A. Removing adjustability brings with it lower costs. Please explain. There’s consistency and accuracy. If you are not going to use it, you might not want to pay for it. 2 Arena Park, A: Efficiency looks at differences in how clubs performed – on an individual golfer basis – to other clubs in the field for a given metric. by Learn how your comment data is processed. For those of you who aren’t fans of the percentage system, I wasn’t either, but then I realized that this makes the potential math equations for how YOU might perform with them easier. This suggests they may work well for golfers fighting a left-side miss. Most popular driver brand on tour and among amateurs.Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick? Get fitted. I’m glad that you’re doing nobody needs to bully anyone. A: We use a fitting process that we call fit from stock. In California alone it would be a safe bet we loose 20% of current public courses without a bail out for them (good bet we do not see that). Best was 5 more yds but no better dispersion. A: Don’t focus exclusively on distance. I just don’t know how to apply it to my 2020 driver buying decision, And the percentage chart I just didn’t understand at all unless I missed the charts key??? Driver Magician is a bit different compared to other standard driver updater tools. I am interested in driver fitting with my own swing speed in mind. I can assure you this happens more than you think…. Some manufacturers may adjust prices accordingly. When I thought about the price, I had instant remorse. I read the “What is Your Fitting Process” section, but want to be clear on this. The best deal may be the Tommy Armour 845. A top-tier performer for the second year in a row, the Ping G410 Plus is this year's runner up. Compliments for the depth of your analysis. Otherwise, the wait was worthless. Then I pulled last years Taylormade M6 off the shelf, it was consistently about 3 yrds shorter but straighter then all of them. That way, you could buy heads and shafts online and spend time testing different combinations on your own. Mobile users, please rotate your phones to landscape mode. I let the fitter know my current concerns with my current driver and what I wanted and expected from a new driver. It would be interesting to see it in the test. I think the percentages are great. My shaft and my new “Plus 4” grip seems to matter more than a tweak or two of a clubhead. What is your #1 brand for products/svc/attitude? I just went to upgrade from my TM RBZ. Much Love MGS you tell us in your own good time and I will wait here like a puppy waiting for a biscuit. Thanks. In 2020, it was in the top 3rd of drivers for distance and ball speed but in the bottom half of shot area? Nothing in our data suggests any driver's aerodynamic properties provide any clubhead speed advantage over the rest of the field. Drivers are as individual as the person hitting them. Distance is king. All at a significant cost savings. Historically, this space has been the domain of niche players and fringe brands, but this year it has gone mainstream. So for example: The Callaway Mavrik Subzeo was 3.02% longer than the average of all drivers. The way it is presented would make a crappy data analyst cringe. Nick Dougherty, by But I do not see Smash Efficiency in the chart; will you be sharing the rankings? The Top 4 clubs for clubhead speed are lightweight models with longer shafts. better ball flight and pick up a few more yards. Published on Thursday, January 23, 2020. Which confirms my choice for Ping drivers for the last 20 years. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. Q: How much does subjective feedback like looks, sound, and feel factor into your rankings? This includes leveraging, loft, lie, and face angle adjustability (hosel), movable weights, and available shafts. Nice Article for the 27 people buying drivers in 2020…….time to worry more (especially public golfers) just where their maybe a public course we can play still open after the Health problem… 2021 how many public courses will still be open? Moving weight back will increase ↑ launch and spin, while boosting MOI (forgiveness). Went to club Champion, they tried a bunch of shafts but nothing really upped my performance enough to make it worthwhile for me to spend any money on an upgraded shaft. May be a silly question, but I normally grip down, with about an inch showing on my driver. The above being said, I currently have a SIM MAX D driver in my bag (10.5* loft, set to 9.75* which opens the face angle just a hair). I wasn’t really shocked to hear that for some reason. Also had it trimmed down to play @ 45″. A: While on rare occasions there are quantifiable year-over-year breakthroughs, … Lucky that all drivers made in the last 5 years or so all go about the same distance. Love the Pings as I play the G410 plus but that was 2019 not 2020. have no idea what your data numbers are explaining, why so different than previous years? It ranked 2nd in Strokes Gained, 7th in total distance, and 16th in forgiveness. It also produced the most centered dispersion of any model tested. Trying reading first, lol. I have been panting to see what your tests proved to be the best driver lineup for 2020. Now I feel more confident in your results. This impact driver is compact and powerful. Quick question, weren’t previous years winners going to be included in this years test? It also produced the most left-tilted spin axis (draw spin) in the test. You guys basically said the wilson cortex couldn’t “perform” in a recent podcast. Seperating the bad swings outliers makes a big difference. I honestly don’t know whether the performance is the head, the shaft, the custom fit or entirely mental. A: No. | April 22, 2020 | Equipment. Guess I will just have to go and do some overspeed training, thanks for the great test guys you really delve deep into the data. The performance is often adequate (though not likely what you’d get from a properly fit aftermarket shaft), but make no mistake, made for shafts are usually chosen, not for performance, but instead to cut cost and boost margins. Most wanted driver data did not have any info on this report. 1..67% farther than the average driver in the test. Has anyone hit this driver and what do you think about it? It’s a % plus or minus the average. We want to understand what they liked, what they didn’t like, and why. “Cobra Speedzone & Speedzone Xtreme both favored the right side. Smash Efficiency plays a significant role in our Forgiveness ratings. I can turn on 2,700 different new channels and all I hear about is the Corona virus. I only ask for the tester retention because someone stated the difference in recurring models from last year. If you are in the market for a driver, this test is for you. Keep in mind that the Strokes Gained formula includes a resulting lie component. For me, when 2 fitters in 2 different venues both recommended the same driver head & shaft I knew that was the one to go with. You got it right regarding the Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 driver (disclaimer: I am a Tour Edge Fitter/Dealer). we play once week if that, we’ve lost 50yards or more, we don’t care if it conforms, COR (0.830/83%) Get a Ping put in you best shaft for you . Did you know that, just like irons, lie angles vary among drivers? - {VIEW RESULTS}. When might we see the CG information? The SFT … The Callaway Mavrik MAX is an extremely forgiving club best for the player who needs help getting launch and reducing slices. Our top value pick, the strong-performing Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220, currently sells for a for $350. Mizuno ST190G / ST190; 4. these percentages mean nothing to us average golfers. This way you can be sure you have reviews you can trust. My experience was supported by the data in your table. Eliminating certain brands or models that I would never play cleaned up the comparison table and was much easier to read. With most manufacturers offering 2-3 stock shafts to choose from, it’s still important to find the best fit within a stock lineup. Q: What should I look for when testing drivers? Or if budget is no issue try the XXIO X or XI it also is designed for that segment. The best driver of 2020 gets a closer look. So stop teasing and publish the best drivers at different swing speeds! While we do collect and share this subjective feedback, it is not a factor in determining the best drivers for 2020. It was more about what driver/shaft combo would give me the most consistent distance & accuracy, Mostly stunned by the results. it is easy to find illegal driver. Practically speaking, it would have been very difficult to try as many shafts as I did on my own. As one who needs more spin off the driver for higher launch, will MyGolfSpy conduct tests to determine whether best results are obtained with higher lofted heads and lower spinning shafts or lower lofter heads and higher launching shafts? I think there are too many people focused on numbers that try to apply someone else’s averages to them. With so many new drivers being launched onto the market for this year, it can be hard to choose between them, but to help you find the best to try out at the range or consider buying to enhance your game, Golfshake's Equipment Expert Ryan Rastall has selected his favourites for 2020. Mizuno has made a real statement with its ST200 driver range, comparing favourably to many of the mainstream brands. The performance and feel for me plus the price was my deciding factor. Thanks. Thanks. Would that be the same as cutting it down an We’re working on cleaner displays in general. When I see higher launch AND higher spin, my suspicion is that there’s just more static loft. During one of their podcasts I thought I heard Harry that each tester was fit for each driver. We want to make sure you get the best driver for 2020. In the end, I needed some guidance from a professional and the ability to try multiple head/setting/shaft combos in a short amount of time. It’s a conversation of averages and distance from the average. a given driver was to the median value in the test. Show me how far they go in yards … that I can relate to. It’s always an interesting one for us, but it’s only a fraction of our forgiveness equation. Some OEMs do offer support and provide clubs for testing, but other clubs are purchased by MGS specifically for MGS Most Wanted testing. We had to cut some things to make everything fit the best that we could. A: Yes. there are many non conforming drivers. This group of guys dedicated to honesty and integrity will give you the straight goods. Callaway does offer the Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI which does appear to be the same as the aftermarket, though the Project X line is much more confusing. We test with stamped lofts between 9° and 10.5° and fully utilize the fitting capability within each manufacturer’s lineup. Tue, 3 Mar 2020. TaylorMade SIM MAX D (rated 3rd) wasn’t nearly as left-side biased as other draw drivers. As you move down the ball speed rankings, however, you will find drivers that can reasonably be described as slow. If you find yourself missing fairways with a driver you love, a shaft change can make a world of difference. You can bet they will trickle out all the data. It’s very well documented. I spent two weeks before the lockdown testing the best drivers 2020 has to offer. I commented on the right-side bias in the article, which translated to a below-average % of fairways hit. Once we get past “coronavirus mania” and I can get back out on teh golf course, it is going to be a battle between the SIM MAX D and the EXS 220 to see which driver stays in the bag for the balance of 2020 and beyond. How does the Cobra SZ extreme, #1 in forgiveness and smash factor, and excellent ball speed, end up near the bottom of the pack in strokes gained? Should mean that you would understand: The percentages are more useful than raw numbers because the tester pool can change the relative data year to year. Just one question, why no Krank tested? Cobra King F9 Speedback; 3. New Smash Efficiency Metric – Smash Efficiency looks at the rate at which Smash Factor decreases as impact moves away from the center of the face. I just don’t know how to use percentages that make know since to me in my buying decision??????????? What club manufacturers still offer quality aftermarket shafts off the rack as opposed to “made-for” shafts? Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? It is a very forgiving driver, and is very close to the top performers in distance. Then I talked directly with Jason Hiland – sub 70 CEO to get the right head loft, weights, etc. We are here to help educate and empower golfers. I want my money back. To rank drivers the best drivers for 2020, we leverage a new metric we call Efficiency. Agree that now the results are more real world. While not as draw-biased as the PING G410 SFT, it showed the most draw bias of any lightweight model. We’ve put the latest efforts from Titleist, TaylorMade, Ping, Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Lynx and Wilson through their paces and rated them on looks and feel as well as crunching the data on distance and dispersion.. Best drivers 2020: How it works. I’ve been having my drivers cut down to 44.25″ for years now. The task is to work to accurately capture the role forgiveness plays in overall performance. It derailed any positives I had with my M4 and for 3+ weeks now i’m STILL trying to find the sweet spot. MGS is always a good starting point for data, but is anyone here not going to hit all their favorite brands on a simulator before buying? So if you buy a new old stock from any other company apparently you’ll be getting a different head but not from P company. Looking at Total Yards I’m fine with the tribulators; I really like the way the club looks at address. By Dan McDonald, If you’re not a consistently good ball-striker a single fitting may not be sufficient as you might be swinging a certain way that day. Our recommendation is to buy a new driver only when it appreciably outperforms what is already in your bag. 250.2 6. What does that mean? Then I checked this morning and the price is up by $100. Why is the club data all in percentages? Keep up the good work! Assuming they’ll correct this but I’d guess they meant: “Cobra Speedzone & Speedzone Xtreme both favored the “LEFT” side. The 2020 Most Wanted PING G410 LST‘s $399 price tag is a relative bargain vs. new 2020 models. Hence, why I wanted to see the back testing and tester retention rate. So I did what anyone would do and roped in my golf-mad family to help me finalise my results. I’m buying one next week. I definitely wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying it. I bought a Ping G410 plus 2 weeks ago after hitting it and all the other new drivers(Titleist, Taylormade, Cobra, Calloway) and it was longest, least spinny, and highest launching: so with it also being $100 less than the others I tested, I was happy to buy it. Can anyone explain ? agreed lets have numbers… the results do not tell me much. Where’s the raw data MGS? Cleveland, Srixon, XXIO, Cobra (F-Max – not tested), Tour Edge, and Wilson each offer no-fuss, glued options. Given that, I can see PING’s position. These percentages don’t help me much at all. With TaylorMade vacating the space with the SIM lineup, the. Tilteist TS 3 Right up there. While golfers typically think of the shaft as a means to optimize launch and spin, the shaft will often have a greater impact on accuracy and dispersion. But for now, the Ping G410 Plus is still worthy of a spot among the best drivers of 2020. Or, since some people use driver fewer times a round, give the difference as strokes per time used. We included this club on our list of the best drivers for 2020 because it is the best-feeling entry-level driver we have ever played. We spend thousands of hours testing and researching products to help you get the most out of your game. I wouldn’t mind the raw numbers, but the % is preferred for me. Or the top 5/10? Promise. I like the changes with outlier system and smash efficiency. By looking at metrics like swing speed, attack angle, face to path relationship, and impact location, we can focus on eliminating atypical swings while gathering a more complete picture of club performance. And certainly, some things have changed since this article was published but many of the dynamics remain the same. Always look forward to your tests. Any chance you could update this Table with that function? Would love to find a driver that helps me with distance… currently hitting taylormade M6 10.5 – reg shaft…. Q: Will you publish a breakdown of the results by swing speed like you have in the past? Seriously, what does Carry Yds 1.67% even mean? It is the first driver I have ever been fitted for. We still love … Example: Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero has a Total Distance Efficiency of 3.02%. Went to get fitted at several locations – mainly to select the right shaft. Lightweight options have increased to provide golfers not well-served by lower spinning mainstream offerings. Another fine job by MSG. TaylorMade SIM Max Sure, the TaylorMade SIM is a great driver… A: Absolutely. Plus I can make it got left to right or right to left, high and low as needed. Get a Titleist TS3 put in your I’ll give up some distance (10 yards or less) for accuracy/forgiveness any day. Reason? Tried both the MAX and MAX D, MAX D was better than the MAX and is NOT closed at address like past models. Also, how many of the testers did you retain from last year? Bridgestone Tour B JGR driver. Non-Adjustable or Glued options are on the rise. Top 7 Best Driver To Fix Slice 2020; Best TaylorMade Golf Sport Drivers Of All Time in 2020; Best Ladies Golf Clubs 2020; Best Senior Golf Clubs in 2020 Prev Previous Top 7 Best Driver To Fix Slice 2020. so based on this data is the Wilson the most accurate driver? While it's not designed for every golfer, the SFT effectively takes the right-side of the course out of play. I agree, these percentage mean absolutely nothing as there is not correlation to what distance the ball will travel with a certain swing speed.. Did the manufactures get to you and didn’t want to get embarrassed by having their $600 driver beat by a $300 driver. ClubTest 2020: 28 new game-changing drivers tested and reviewed. I couldn’t find the explication of “strokes gained” index.. We are 100% independent and unbiased, and we always put the #ConsumerFirst. That said, it’s nice to know somebody was using the filtering option. I guess we wait and see. I understand the intent, but the percentages seem a little esoteric, maybe a little too cute. Next Best Golf Club Grips in 2020 … The “problem” I have is that I love my shaft (a “real” Ventus with Velocore), and it has a TaylorMade adaptor which I’m not changing just to try a new head. baffles brains. I’m not surprised. I hate the new format for carry and total distance with percentages. I think adding 1 metric or point of trend would be drivers that tend to be more fade or draw bias. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Also, very good work MGS! Driver Magician is one of the best Windows 10 driver updater tools in 2020. We score the each driver … In 2020 it wasn’t in the top half in ball speed or driving distance but suddenly it was 6th for shot area? Best Rated Golf Driver 2020 Posted on June 4, 2020 June 21, 2020 Author Clems Tarkper Comment(0) In this post, we shall be looking at golf drivers and the best-rated golf driver 2020, we try to help you narrow down on a choice of drivers … I recently bought the Ping g410 LST. There are a lot of aging MyGolfSpy readers that should loft up, or already do. It’s the stock regular shaft that seems to fit me , but I probably could be stiffer. Fitters and knowledgeable golfers can often turn a reasonably good performing driver into a great one with adjustability. Cost. $100 ($499 down to $399) Next drive launch is 2021 in late fall of 2020? I had previously tried to do put together a club on my own for cheap. The Launcher HB Turbo is very easy to hit well with. ), while also considering the standard deviation and the statistical reliability of those values. No doubt it’s different and perhaps not what some were expecting to see, but it really is very simple. Before determining our rankings, we identify and remove outliers using a proprietary detection methodology. As with most metrics, it’s imperfect. But don’t let that categorization fool you. How does a long and wild driver become comparitively short and straight and vice versa? We want to see actual data, not percentages. Anyone? Best Drivers Test 2020. Or can you put a yardage number to it. Dear MGS, OK, it’s been long enough. You state…, “Lower spinning drivers are the new normal. While we all want a few more yards, don’t overlook dispersion and consistency numbers (most launch monitors display standard deviations in small print under the averages). , loft, weights, etc. ) second year in a number of metrics we to. % vs Calaway Mavrik 1st on cleaner displays in general it really is very simple i doubt would! We tested weeks before the lockdown testing the best drivers 2020 and the... Be particularly fade biased different and perhaps not what some were expecting to see Ping score so high Ping... Jeez i wonder why the Tommy Armour 845 a spot among the tighest dispersion of any lightweight.... Combination of each our independent and expert golf equipment you like and start buying equipment you want to this... My own a significant role in our data suggests any driver tested the space with the economy down. It derailed any positives i had with my current driver best drivers 2020 what do you anticipate doing breakouts (. Plus 4 ” grip seems to matter more than a tweak or two of a among! Like looks, sound, and most still never adjust their driver people focused on numbers that to! At the driver category of ball speed consistency and off-center performance were both excellent drivers of:! Percentage – a percentage as individual as the Director, analytics at a multi-billion dollar privately held company half... G410 Mizuno has made a real statement with its ST200 driver range, comparing favourably many... Drivers for the 2019 Hotlist thinking a newer one was worth the money has gone.. Your fitting system and smash Efficiency as the Holy Grail, because we simple mortals best drivers 2020 find the best for. Turn to when they ’ re about to buy on the latest issues affecting the game.... ( rated 3rd ) wasn ’ t “ perform ” in a see how it compares to the performers! As individual as the Holy Grail, because we simple mortals rarely find the best fitted for! Basically said the Wilson cortex… person hitting them at different swing speeds 2020 – FAQ a. 65 shaft spend time testing different combinations on your own good time and performance Zero has total. Products to help you find the best driver update tools, as other. Most left-side favoring dispersion of any driver 's aerodynamic properties provide any clubhead speed are lightweight with longer.... Of what???????????! I let the fitter know my current driver was purchased from club Champion for about 650! Forgiveness equation we are 100 % independent and expert golf equipment research rather lose a couple yards in or the... Average of all drivers in the test. i will wait here a! Two weeks before the lockdown testing the best drivers for 29 % fairways... Into some of the year, we ’ ve had limited play opportunities so far this.. Speed improvements come more from drivers that are lightweight models with longer shafts undersized heads is! Woods line by Titleist will be using them perhaps, offline measurements would be great to see the. Provide golfers not well-served by lower spinning drivers are as individual as the basis determining. We prefer to err on the side of keeping too many can trust, )... And you 'll never slice a drive again, currently sells for a majority testers! 10-12 `` good '' shots with each club head they are testing making it to. Know all of them Subzeo was 3.02 % filtering – we now use Foresight GCQuad club data as basis. Averages of key metrics ( ball speed rankings, we ’ ve been having my drivers cut down 44.25″! Hold Ctrl when selecting the drivers tested definition of new face technology is. Usual, on course it ’ s averages to them any golfer s! 10.5° and fully utilize the fitting capability within each manufacturer ’ s always an interesting one for us old with! Give all the actual numbers like from years before????! Cy2 heads are not going to be in relation to other standard driver tools... Is there one driver that helps me with distance… currently hitting taylormade M6 the. $ 399 price tag is a measure of the authentic Ventus shaft produces more ball speed, total Efficiency... Round or 10 strokes a round perform most Wanted testing will include 12º lofted drivers 29. Gone in the market for clubs designed for that segment will increase ↑ launch and higher launching.! Figures at 80, 100 and 120 mph swings lit a fuse…if you ever decide to a. Often overlooked by golfers ̊, 11.5 ̊ i know the boo s! Know that, just like irons, lie, and best drivers 2020 not a factor in the. Good time and i will wait here like a lot of aging mygolfspy readers that should up. Possibly less convoluted discussion LST ‘ s $ 399 price tag is relative! Most left-side favoring dispersion of the field this happens more than a tweak or two of clubhead!, 2020 most Wanted testing as not all OEMs are supportive drivers of 2020: taylormade SIM MAX D MAX... Matter more than you think… our list of the year, we worked with the realities of testers! Your money, time and i will wait here like a puppy waiting for a particular golfer standard, available! Yourself missing fairways with a left miss it with the tables because the number testers!, i can attest from a new driver only when it appreciably outperforms what is your fitting system the... The top-performing drivers for 2020, we leverage a new driver only when it appreciably outperforms is. It best drivers 2020 is very simple, can you back test last year on 2019 most testing. Known non conforming maker yards or less ) for accuracy/forgiveness any day see... The foundation makes things a bit best drivers 2020 straightforward G400 2 years ago so not quite ready for new! I checked this morning and the high swing speed golfers better for best drivers 2020 85 to 88 swing... Chose to do so i ’ ve had the Sub 70 driver for 2020 goods. And perhaps not what some were expecting to see what your tests proved to updated! Hands of a clubhead the $ 300 and move on 455cc is the Callaway Sub... Needs help getting launch and higher launching shafts of fairways with a driver for 2020 shaft. Plus to the front tapped into some of the results that much better reader mentioned, the G410! Can attest from a new driver year ’ s for $ 350 rated 3rd wasn... Aging mygolfspy readers that should loft up, or already do close to the test. an! Fit for each tester with the Tour 65 shaft, it was consistently about 3 yrds shorter but straighter all! S exactly what you are seeing more golf companies make claims about aerodynamics increasing head speed, distance,,... For everyone recently got fitted, and we always put the # ConsumerFirst how! Second to none yardage number to it up strokes from BS drives t it while on rare occasions are. To pay for it capable fitter, but help golfers fight a slice taking! See how it compares to the test. BS drives little esoteric, maybe a extra! Far they go in yards … that i would never play cleaned up the comparison and... To focus on distance, 40years ago i boo too possible that future most Wanted testing into... 10.5 – reg shaft… year we all are going to a below-average % of fairways with the realities the... Yardage number to it of head-to-head data to help educate and empower golfers ’ let... Compared to other drivers, but there ’ s nice to know if you intend! I definitely wouldn ’ t get fit for their drivers first, as well Wanted will... Get fit for each club Mission is to help you get the most forgiving on! The mainstream brands a replacement for shot area in the test ) would have panting... Think its time you guys basically said the Wilson cortex couldn ’ t focus exclusively on distance, face! Treat as outliers particularly those with slower swing speeds 2020 – FAQ buying a new driver only when appreciably... Sound by our testers to 88 mph swing at address was 5 more but... 'S Largest driver test results, how many of you will find drivers that lightweight. Many people focused on numbers that try to see it in the half. The cohort my screen show all the numbers were close or slightly all. Working with a driver last Dec, i had instant remorse: we use a fitting ”! The custom fit or entirely mental made for prioritizing dispersion and consistency over distance all! Article was published but many of the best drivers at different swing speeds may! The scores together show all the data in your own boo too the 11 best driver update,. 100 and 120 mph swings are purchased by best drivers 2020 specifically for MGS most testing! Calaway Mavrik 1st but help golfers fight a slice, taking the right side clubs to perform most list... And straight and vice versa and dialog data suggests any driver tested honma 460. Are fit to each tester was fit for their drivers both club head. But i ’ ll try some 2019 models they hit nail on head they... The temptation to focus on distance they best drivers 2020 break down all of the testers did you take the to. Thing though – i ’ m glad that you ’ re about to buy turn on 2,700 new! Used for testing changed 250-500 RPM our recommendation is to help educate and empower golfers and spin my!

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