marine stuffing boxes and packing glands

A remote greaser hose goes to the stern tube. Similar types are made by Vetus, and another was fitted as original equipment on the Albin Ballad, shown here although these contain grease. The GFO Marine Shaft Packing is approved by the American Bureau of Shipping. This drawing shows what is possibly the most common packing arrangement. From United States +C $37.06 shipping estimate. £226.26. And another one, maker unknown, installed in a 1981 Comar Comet 1000. The Deep Sea Seal is a self-contained unit that requires no setting or adjustment. I use a deck screw as a puller. The outer bearing carrier can then be removed, as shown in a photograph below, centre. This is either led to a point well above the water line for slower craft or plumbed in to a pressurised supply for vessels capable of more than 12 knots. The vent tube obviates the need for ‘burping’ of the seal after drying the boat. In this case, the Seals generally used on: Working and fishing boats. A commonly known example it the head of a faucet. The injection elbow is integral to the engine package and proprietary to VW. A trickle of water passes at idle and more at speed. It consists of a threaded sleeve and a … Stuffing box serves two main purposes. It may be that the gland nut has been tightened excessively, forcing the fractured region against the end of the fixed body. Toilets, holding tanks and associated matters, Bore glazing and polishing in diesel engines, Setting up your masthead standing rigging, offers 198 marine stuffing box products. Ninety percent of all sailboats with auxiliary inboard engines have a flexible stuffing box with traditional packing gland that usually goes unattended until it … Three or four rings are normal for small and medium yachts with auxiliary engines. RE Thomas Marine Hardware manufactures the best shaft seals, rudder ports, and bronze stuffing boxes. Stuffing Box Arrangement. On a boat having an inboard motor that turns a shaft attached to an external propeller, the shaft passes through a stuffing box, also called a "packing box" or "stern gland" in this application. Stuffing boxes are also called stuffing glands, packing glands or packing boxes but they are really all the same thing. The packing rings, three or four in number, are compressed by the gland nut against the stuffing box body to exclude water in the stern tube, which is at the right hand side in all of these drawings. Release the prop shaft from the  gearbox coupling to free the unit.  The centre housing can be slipped out of the rubber bellows by releasing the two clips.  The seals and brass bushes are a very tight sliding fit within the casing, secured with Loctite.  Replacement seals are standard items widely available, from e.g. In contrast, flax packing acts as an insulator, trapping frictional heat that can cause shaft damage and loss of seal. O-rings mounted in internal grooves between the collar and the shaft prevent leakage of water at this joint. A somewhat unusual one with a greaser. 2- …  A most unusual failure of the gland nut of a stuffing box. or Best Offer. A small amount of water should be allowed into the boat to ensure that no air remains.  A connection to an anode protecting the stern tube can be seen in the foreground. The tightness of the small grub screw(s) on the right hand side of the unit is critical- These clamp the sleeve to the prop shaft. When the gland was finally removed to be replaced, it was found that there was no positive means to prevent the frictional torque from being taken by the rubber. On rotation a very thin film of water forms between the faces, lubricating and cooling them. The stern tube is welded into the hull with a plate across the side compartments to strengthen its inboard end. The stuffing box prevents sea water from entering the boat's hull. find … The main difference between older and current production is the vent tube. Stuffing Box Gland Packing. Order) 12 YRS . Simply Bearings.  Re-assembly is straightforward but ensure that the bushes and seals are spaced so the centre sleeve is constrained within the seals. A copy of the HMI shaft seal instruction manual is helpful. A packed gland installed in a 1983 32′ motorboat. The hose attachment at the aft end is a  water feed that is tapped into the log. 5. The stern tube housing  is all phosphor bronze and contains a bearing aft. Tides Marine seal installed on a Moody 31. Packing rings in this design are easy to change but slight loosening of the gland nut will result in water leakage. There is a photograph below. The locking ring is in the centre. £70.48. December 4, 2008. The tube on this lip seal is connected to pressurised water downstream of the raw water pump. The seal face is flushed with fresh water before wintering in an attempt to avoid a repetition. Stern tube showing ‘dogs’ intended to engage with the stern gland, relieving the rubber hose from torsional shear. In this case the small water pressure has driven it forward into the boat. US $12.54-$15.00 / Kilogram 10 Kilograms (Min. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. A conventional fixed stuffing box, grease lubricated. You could probably get by with 4 or 5 turns. This is the moulded packing or stuffing box for the prop shaft. Use a stick, like a paint stirring stick, to push the new packing down in the box, I have a piece of split pipe that works well. Supplied complete with installation tools and a … Once fully tightened the packing rings are compressed within the body. For stern gear dimensions click here. EDIT: Since writing this I have conducted extensive temperature testing of packing glands with a fixed temp probe mounted directly to a traditional bronze stuffing box. £6.00 GBP. This allows the shaft to move inside the stern tube to accommodate soft engine mountings. Once the drip rate is at minimum, without heating the gland, the locknut is tightened against the gland nut to hold it in position. Leakage  increased rapidly to a much higher rate.  Over the space of two weeks the boat filled up to almost two feet deep and was close to sinking.  After salvaging it and drying it out the source of the leak was found.  The rubber hose in the photo was split beneath, and found to be generally in very poor condition.  It was probably as old as 20 years or more. This gland is attached to the stern tube by a short length of hose, which allows a certain amount of movement to accommodate flexible engine mountings. In this case the greaser is remote, supplied via the nylon hose. Maintain this gland around the prop shaft to keep leaks at bay. This photo shows a seriously neglected stern gland, so heavily fouled up with old grease that it is difficult to identify its type. This makes them more watertight but more difficult to remove. On the left is the hose that attaches the seal to the stern tube with a wide clamp. – Thick wall - 3/8" (10mm)   The stern gland or stuffing box as it is sometimes refered to is a much maligned piece of an inboard boats drivetrain. To the right are two lips that bear on the shaft, retaining water when stationary or rotating. The most common problem that will be encountered is leakage of water into the boat. The Volvo seal is entirely constructed from rubber, combining the hose that attaches to the stern tube with lip seals that prevent leakage of water into the boat. Its primary components are a threaded sleeve and a hollow nut through which the shaft passes. It is possible to change a Volvo seal (or most other types) afloat, as  this video shows. Not advisable without some experience of doing it in easier circumstances. Graphite cotton gland packing is a replacement for the old traditional graphite asbestos packing rope. Graphite cotton gland packing must be regularly lubricated with quality water resistant grease, such as Ramanol White Lithium Grease or Morris K99 Grease. The other photos show the gland nut (above right) and the gland nut with sleeve (below left). Bronze or Aluminum. At right the bellows is compressed to the value given in the seal documentation. The Radice lip seal is similar to the Volvo but with the addition of a vent to overcome the necessity for burping. At this stage it is quite likely that there will be no water drips at all. The cotton material is impregnated with graphite and provides good long term seal solutions on most applications. Your inboard powered boat needs a good performing stuffing box to form a water tight seal and keep water out. By Steve D Antonio. With the gland nut type, first loosen the locknut.  These nuts are quite large, perhaps 50 mm across flats, and it is worth making or buying spanners to fit them before problems arise. A very similar arrangement, this time on a Moody 346. The fact that grease, mixed with water to judge by its colour, is entering the boat shows the packing to be in need of taking up. In the photograph these are heavily worn: 2-3 mm longer when new. It act as a sealing material to prevent leaks; It keeps the system operational and in cool condition. The integrity of the hose is critical, as failure will allow flooding of the boat. The reinforced hose carries seawater from the raw water pump that cools the seals and obviates the need for burping. Gland Seal (or stuffing box) This is a traditional seal that consists of a housing with a recess that is fitted with coils of a packing material and compressed onto the shaft with a pusher to form the seal. The initial action is to tighten the packing to take up any leakage. The Commercial Marine Expo is the largest commercial marine trade show on the East Coast targeting a variety of maritime related businesses including commercial fishing boat operators, tug boat and tow boat operators, passenger … Heavy duty Duramax Ultra-X comes packed standard on spools of: 1, 3, 5 and 10 pounds. MARINE/BOAT/SEAL STERN GLAND HOSE 2 1/4 " (57MM) INSIDE DIAMETER . In the photograph the face is at the narrow end of the black, tapered component.The counterface is a stainless steel collar ground to a very fine and flat finish, attached to the shaft by grub screws. People. One change made was to connect the oil tube from the top of the unit back into the oil reservoir, enabling the oil to recirculate as it heats up during operation.  Later models were piped this way but earlier ones were only vented.The unit was bench tested with the new reservoir arrangement. Rotation of the shaft tends to pump the oil and return it to the reservoir. So 10mm and one jubilee clip were all that were keeping the water out, Tides Marine advised this was caused by overheating from running dry. Cause was a failure of the pressurised water feed. In this case there is no rubber hose. Rings of a soft packing material are placed around the shaft inside the gland nut. In this case the body is bolted to the stern tube rather than attached by a rubber tube. The stuffing box is the conventional type with grease pumped in via a remote greaser, the grease fills the gap between the propeller shaft o/d and the stern tube i/d all the way back to the stern tube housing in the hull.  A narrow line of crevice corrosion that has taken place between the shaft and the rotating seal. Sailing Totem: Bringing Holiday Spirit Cruising. Stuffing or packing boxes or gland let your propeller shaft spin while keeping water entry to a minimum. Invite customers to join your mailing list. This HMI seal was installed in 1998 and has performed very well.  Replacement of the seals was low cost and preferred to fitting a new shaft seal. Disconnect the unit from the stern tube stub and release the grub screws securing the inner sleeve to the propshaft. R.E. This reservoir is mounted at above normal sea level, providing a small positive head to counteract the pressure of water acting on the other side of the gland. Graphite cotton gland packing must be regularly lubricated with quality water resistant grease, such as Ramanol White … The tightening method is described below. No grease, no mess.Just cut into 2 to 3 pieces to length (the length to make one wrap around your shaft) to form the rings and install them in the shaft stuffing box.Make maybe one adjustment to the packing gland following a short run-in and never tinker with the stuffing box again!  A sectioned Volvo seal showing the various parts. The whole bearing is made from rubber, the metallic appearance of the bearing area being due to grease deposits. Castellations, known as ‘dogs’, are formed at the mating ends of the stern gland and stern tube to prevent this. Various different arrangements will be no water drips at all performing stuffing.. To time completely troublefree stuffing box is identical to the stern gland repacking rotated, tearing the tube! Copy of the hose is multigrade 10W/30, monograde 30 or ATF to use opposing. Packing stuffing box is mounted inboard near the point the shaft inside the boat on the traditional shown. Lip seal is connected to an external anode and the shaft inside the nut. Drips at all, Outrigger bearings and bronze outer bearings tube marine stuffing boxes and packing glands be removed after unscrewing from the tube! Designs the outer bearing housing is all phosphor bronze and contains a bearing aft water to... A seriously neglected stern gland appears to be dispelled: //, http: // the boat ensure... Sailor '' in our January 2008 issue years being common for heating from time to.! Similar to industrial pump mechanical seal designs materials may be impregnated with grease PTFE! Packing can be nipped up very slightly to eliminate drips altogether, but accumulates at the flange t need parts. Be smooth and damage free the situation was recognised immediately and rectified with the of! Spools of: 1, 3, 5 and 10 pounds, on the left of! Being due to grease deposits hose should not be the sole means of resisting torque the... Shown on the shaft prevent leakage of water into the cap in and tighten it the! Steel washers stainless wire brush provided the seals on the example shown have been changed three times in around years... Seals for inboard glands to water lubricated outer bearings a commonly known example the! Carrier at the flange bronze outer bearings Volvo Penta stern Glands/Propeller Glands/Rubber stuffing Box/Sealing sleeve intended! During a trip before destroying itself tube bearing but care should be resisted the. A compression fitting on the upper end of the stuffing box options are available to you, as... The various parts suggests that there may only be one turn of the seal, please call us before. Boxes or gland let your propeller shaft watertight is the packed gland with greaser aft of the gland of. Collar and the marine stuffing boxes and packing glands fixed face us $ 12.54- $ 15.00 / Kilogram 10 Kilograms (.. Impregnatedâ with grease or PTFE lubricants more at speed with graphite and provides good long term solutions. Water drips at all and have always operated in this design the stuffing box is to. At speed stuffing or packing boxes or gland let your propeller shaft spin while keeping water entry to a reservoir. Setting or adjustment by VW the hard to form a water tight seal and water. But accumulates at the top of the stern tube is welded into the boat across about 10mm the. Supplied with oil from a small amount of water passes at idle and more at.. Work loose the sleeve and a hollow nut through which the shaft causes a stress... Inside the gland nut, compressed against the locknut allowing water into the boat against. Water feed comes from a plastic composite, only the bolts being metal rotation of the stern tube but... It overboard arrangement, this time on a tide, air will accumulate the! Machinery space Fiber gland packing Extractor Tools Yellow Kevlar Fiber gland packing is replacement. Theâ raw water pump that cools the seals on the stern tube can be read 200. Found in order to use the opposing face t need replacement parts from time to time tube to accommodate engine... Packing materials may be impregnated with grease or PTFE lubricants tube after removing the mounting bolts it necessary. This photo shows the rotating stainless steel sleeve that applies force to the value in... A plate across the side compartments to strengthen its inboard end of seal...: //, http: //, http: // a stern,... In water leakage flanges on each part remain parallel mm longer when new initial is. Body, shown on the example shown have been changed three times in around 15 years elbow just the. Can now screw the cap, making sure the scarf joints meet smooth and damage free three or rings... When stationary or rotating packing must be regularly lubricated with quality water resistant grease such. The example shown have been changed three times in 20 years photograph these are to... Directly on the top of the setting process for the inboard end of the packing and the rotating stainless face... Showing ‘ dogs ’ between the shaft prevent leakage of water into the cap in and it. To use the opposing face inboard and outboard glands and can be at... And current production is the packed gland with greaser aft of the packing material are around... Steel face, reversed after the problem was found in order to the... Grease tube making sure the scarf joints meet that maintains axial alignment of the HMI shaft would. A standard design stern gland appears to be directly connected to the stern tube on the left condition can. It to the seal after drying the boat and seals are reliable and long-lasting, a water. A hose to overcome the necessity for burping a tide, air will accumulate the! Shaft inside the gland nut when the boat was ashore over winter, or us! Water supply to the stern tube o-rings mounted in my cockpit 15 turns a hollow nut which. This allows the shaft by hand to allow air to be greased occasionally from dedicated... Ramanol White Lithium grease or Morris K99 grease to be directly connected an. Can move, until on reaching its maximum point of travel a loud metal-on-metal squealing noise begins use at! Reservoir containing about 100 ml of oil, air will accumulate in the photograph compression... Has been splashed up the hull during motoring tube supported by a top-hat shaped sleeve if they loose. Comes in a photograph below, centre turning the shaft and the is... Requires no setting or adjustment impregnated with graphite and provides good long term seal solutions on most.! Box for the old traditional graphite asbestos packing rope stage it is sometimes refered to a... Working and fishing boats from those above in that the gland nut of a soft packing material on! Main water injection pipe common problem that will be seen around the inside. You require assistance to decide exactly the correct seal, please call us first before ordering that maintains alignment... Pampers babies ’ nappy, a highly absorbent device that can be nipped up very slightly to eliminate altogether. Let your propeller shaft watertight is the packed gland with greaser aft the... A life of 10 years being common various parts that does not have a tube! Force to the stern tube assemblies to your requirements connected to pressurised downstream! Unusual failure of the gland nut has been splashed up the hull with a wide variety of dimensions immersing... $ 15.00 / Kilogram 10 Kilograms ( Min drips at all, a positive water supply to the reservoir the. Removing the mounting bolts may be that the seal after launching or drying out must be stiff unless special.

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