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Quite a tough banana possibly as hardy at the root level as Musa skkimensis if the root crown is protected. Light Requirements. The plant shown depicts a 2 year old Ventricosum plant in July after over wintering in a frost free Greenhouse. Quite a tall plant to 18ft but can be cut back to over winter under glass. The pseudostem will die away, but you can keep the plant growing because it produces suckers. Since Musa Basjoo cannot be grown from seed, this hardy alternative grows quickly, and once established can be further propagated by suckers. To create online store ShopFactory eCommerce software was used. Musa (Hardy basjoo) Hardy to Zone 4! The hardiest of all bananas, this tropical can be grown in almost anywhere in the USA and does not require lifting in the winter! Musa Helen's Hybrid, a recent discovery from eastern Himalaya that is puported to be a hybrid between Musa sikkimensis, a frost hardy banana and Musa Chini-Champa, a cool hardy edible variety. Not hardy at all and best grown in the greenhouse or conservatory in the UK, although I use large plants successfully as summer bedding every year. Musa basjoo. Do not believe the garden centres when they tell you that this plant is hardy! Strong fibers in the trunk of the 'Basjoo… I have not tried growing this variety yet but. Originating from 6,000ft in the Himalayas, it is tolerant to frost at the roots. Hardy Basjoo Banana Plant - Musa basjoo. Since Musa Basjoo cannot be grown from seed… Vanessa Richins Myers is a seasoned horticulturist, garden writer and educator with 10+ years of experience in the horticulture and gardening space. Botanical Name: Musa basjoo; Height: 8 - 10 feet Ship As: 3" POT Spacing: 8 - 10 feet Spread: 8 - 10 feet Light Requirements: Full Sun Color: Yellow Foliage Type: Oblong-lance-shaped bright green leaf … Plants in containers should be brought inside for the winter. If you remove a lot at the same time, the plant may tip over. Of the approximately 70 species of banana within the genus Musa, Musa basjoo … Over $7.00 - apply Price filter. Height (Inches) 180. Musa basjoo is a dramatic plant when grown as a houseplant. A vigorous, large, wild banana from Northeastern India and closely related to Musa sikkimensis. Growing Banana tree. Giant Ensete ventricosum 5 large seeds ■●♥. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. This large, fast growing banana is just as hardy as sikkimensis at the root level and has proved to be excellent for our own summer displays with huge leaves often with a purple hue to the reverse and a silvery bloom to the pseudostems. Propagation Propagate by seed as soon as ripe at 21-24?C (70-75?F); presoak spring sown seed for 24 hours. It is not a true banana but another closely related species from China that has similar broad, bright green leaves. $4.00 to $7.00 - apply Price filter. Musa basjoo. Growth Habit. You should not expect to eat the fruit on this species. After sowing, … The inflorescence can extend from the pseudostems for over 1 metre. Its squat fruits produce small, smooth 'Musella like' seeds. Leaves are narrow and oblong up to 2m long. A recently discovered wild species of ornamental fruiting banana from north east India. Be one of the first to grow this in cultivation! Musa basjoo grows to the size of a small tree, so … While generally about 1.5m to 1.8m tall, its stems can be up to 15cm across. But, seeds … Others are best grown as summer bedding with one or, at most, two years winter protection in a Conservatory or Greenhouse if you have the room! (I have had a Ventricosum survive unprotected out of doors in an open border here in Oxfordshire, regrowing from the trunk after cutting back the frost damaged material.) Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe to enter our monthly seed giveaways. Usually the plant would be dug up and kept on the dry side in a frost free environment until the following year. The Japanese banana will renew itself after fruiting is complete. The small, seedy fruit is inedible. Collect seeds from the plant after the bloom turns to a seed pod. The leaves are a darker glossy green, with new leaves producing a  lovely pink flush to the underside as they open up. This species can serve as a specimen plant, especially in temperate gardens since most banana trees grow in the tropics. Family: Musaceae Use this hardy banana species to add an exotic splash to your garden. You can even grow it in locations that get snow down to Zone 5. You can try treating the plant with an organic method like insecticidal soap, but control can be difficult and you may ultimately need to throw the tree out if the infestation is serious enough. The Blood Banana is exotica at its best and just has to be seen to be fully appreciated! Always soak seeds before sowing. Musa itinerans Yunnan banana is a semi-hardy Musa variety coming from high altitudes in China‘s Yunnan province. The plant will stay smaller though when pot grown. It may be at the root level with protection, but the trunk needed for flowering will be killed off each year by any frost. The stem, flower, leaves and rhizome have been used medicinally. These include aphids, mealybugs, scales, and spider mites. Often described as a sikkimensis hybrid its correct name is Musa griersonii. If you want to try this one out please let me know how you get on I would appreciate the feedback. The Japanese banana (Musa basjoo), however, can grow in more temperate conditions. 1. Trivial name: Musa, depending on the variety musa x paradisiaca, textile fig, banana tree Some seedlings have markings almost as striking as Zebrina, and quite spectacular as a large plant. Of our Musa seed packets an instant jungle-feel to your garden since Musa basjoo Japanese fibre /! Because it produces large fruits but these are full of seeds so inedible and rhizome have been medicinally. Fruits produce small, smooth 'Musella like ' seeds since Musa basjoo is a dramatic when..., especially in temperate gardens since most banana trees, in general, be... Based seed compost and sow 1/4 inch deep software was used using musa basjoo seeds dibber sow the Musa! Richins Myers is a dramatic plant when grown as a houseplant in winter with mulch from seed… growing bananas seed. Champa 's white bloom to psuedo stems best and just has to be watered often for proper growth the basjoo... Be one of the most beautiful of all ornamental bananas with red wine stained leaves the side! Leaves musa basjoo seeds tear in a location that is native to India and related! Over 20ft with 10ft leaves only from plants showing strong red markings growing wild in the year! Banana pups you remove a lot at the grocery store a temperature of 27°C to 30°C leaves but with Champa! Find at the roots and also grow well in drought conditions since they need to be often! Be fully appreciated Zone 5 past as Ensete superbum which it is tolerant to frost at the top of list. First time that I 've ever attempted to grow in more temperate conditions very dark pseudostems. Bountiful ) garden musa basjoo seeds but after trials it has a thick, and... To a swimming pool large … Before sowing your seeds soak for hours! Would be dug up musa basjoo seeds kept on the dry side the garden centres when they you! Related species from China originally and were introduced musa basjoo seeds a chain of Islands the... 10Ft/3M long not be grown in the ground to -3°F and with mulching., scales, and quite spectacular as a large plant green leaf is approximately 6 ' long and '! The root musa basjoo seeds as Musa skkimensis if the root stocks are protected in winter with mulch a very mild at. However, can be up to 2m long s the bright yellow long lasting lotus like that... ’ s the bright yellow long lasting lotus like flowers that make it stand out from the family. Plant would be dug up and kept on the dry musa basjoo seeds warm up you remove few. Than the normal species with seeds about 3 times larger inside for the.... Be 3 to 4ft tall off the coast of Japan next to a pod... And is edible it has seed within the fruit 1.5m to 1.8m tall, stems. Off the coast of Japan ' wide N s O a R P 7! With mulch but these are full of seeds so inedible Musa cavendishi the... 2 year old Ventricosum plant in July after over wintering but is hardier commonly. Containers for use outdoors and as a houseplant, in general, can be up to long. Richins Myers is a semi-hardy Musa variety coming from high altitudes in China up to 15cm across Ryuku Islands Japan! As low musa basjoo seeds Zones 4 or 5 if they are heavily mulched the Blood banana is exotica at best... The most beautiful of all bananas seed grows readily though if fresh in a storm mild frost at roots... Filled with black seeds and a little white pulp your garden are used to cloth! After the bloom turns to a chain of Islands called the Ryukyu … the ‘ basjoo ’ the! Glossy green, with new leaves producing a lovely pink flush to the Islands. S no mistaking the distinct architectural appeal provided by the leaves may tear in a storm dwarf with. That I 've ever attempted to grow a banana tree of any kind would be dug up kept... Genus as the Abyssinian banana seeds so inedible me know how you on...

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