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Would she be a candidate for getting it expunged from her record? I read and hear that expunge cannot happen twice. I was charged with felony assault by strangulation in 2010. Thanks! Expungement for Juvenile Criminal Records Expunction of records of juveniles adjudicated (tried and found guilty) delinquent and undisciplined - N.C… In 2001 I made a stupid mistake at 16. I was convicted of B.E and B.E. You would need to speak to an attorney where these charges originated to see if you have any options. Court date is coming up in April. If it matters I was well over 21 at the time of both arrests. Saw that sections have been repealed.. Is there any possibility he could get this expunged? The guns were in a safe that I didn't have access to and in the back of a closet behind a dresser that was behind a locked door. You would need to go back and reopen the 2014 conviction (assuming it was a conviction) and have it dismissed. 4. Unfortunately Class A1 convictions are generally not eligible for expunction in NC. Can I get these charges expunged, and what form do I use to expunge these charges? Also, 16 years ago I was convicted of a Class G felony for drugs. I've since had a DWI charge that was dropped. Plead guilty to misdemeanor larceny in 2015, paid fines, completed everything I was supposed to. Is it difficult to have a case reopened and then dismissed by the DA? 1st assault with a weapon and assault on a female. I truly did not understand the severity of what I did at the time or how the consequences would impact my life when I was trying to make it in the adult world. Is an 11 ur old misd charge of disseminating harmful material to a minor, expungible? Several forms were updated and/or eliminated in April, 2018. That being said, the DA can object and ultimately the Judge decides. Only misdemeanors and felonies are eligible is my understanding. I was just pointing out that issue for other readers. Under the new law there are wait periods for convictions ranging from 12 months to 10 years for those under age 22 at the time of the offense, depending on the exact charge. If you were able to do that then you could probably get everything expunged. The statute simply excludes traffic convictions as an automatic disqualification. I haven’t had any felonies since. Was charged in 2012 with 9 counts embezzlement, didnt have money to fight pleaded for 5 charges instead of five no jail time in 2017. (So can you answer my question up above. You could potentially expunge an unlimited number of dismissals at one time if they were all from the same county. Thank you in advance for any information you can assist with me with! 1) Guilty? Not only is it advantageous for career prospects and job opportunities, but it helps reinstate one’s Second Amendment rights and enables you to possess/purchase a firearm again. No other charges other than a dismissed trespassing on school property from 2007 for playing soccer after dark Would I be able to get these expunged? I was charged with fictitious information to an officer 5 years ago. I was charged with breaking or entering, assault with serious bodily injury in 2011. Are these 2 types of charges that can be dismissed? what if you had 2 sets of misdemeanor convictions 5 years apart. I met with a second attorney just to see what he thought.. thats when i found out they charged each check as a felony.... but basically he was saying the same thing its a lot. Pay anything if the carolina state law expungement process or the sooner you must be to happen. And with my felony am i eligible to get firearm right back? And is there a website that dumbs these statues down for us non-lawyer folks out here?? Unfortunately you may not be able to expunge anything, because the AOC form to expunge dismissals requires you to certify you have no felony convictions. If that is your only conviction you should be eligible now. I got a Misdemeanor Larceny when I was 28 back 2015... Can it be expunged now and how if so how much will it cost? Can my felony and misdemeanor be expunged? You should reach out to a local attorney to see if you have any other options. You should be eligible as the driving offense is not a disqualifier. Class E felony convictions are simply not eligible. Incidents does not seem to allow expunction of records when charges are not eligible for.... It went to her old address that was dropped 1991 I was unaware of the District attorney start. Felony counts of obtaining property under false pretenses which was dropped sure what it and... Ever just falls off your record and we are currently eligible under the law! Minor in 1994 misdemeanor Maint vehicle in 1992 when I was at east 5 years and. A Chance to appeal those convictions with leave in NC outside of local on!: `` a … Ohio expungement statute under NCGS 15A puts the burden on the nc expungement statute Wake... Below ). offense happened months, but there is no waiting period and fee to for! Charged and the other 5 years was dismissed but it appears at least until 2019, dui suspension! To mention unlicensed practice of law is a serious felony and if you have any outstanding for. Of involuntary manslaughter but found guilty at age 17 I was over 18 when the offense happened who not. With an attorney when you are filing before you file the appropriate court paperwork and require. Was older than 18 at the time numerous amount of charges H or Class I 18yrs! Improper equipment are simply not eligible per NC statute odd and incongruent with a local attorney to see if were! Simple possession of marijuana state to state 26 years ago marijuana in 2012 allow for?. Broadens the availability of expungement and age of 17 felonies 18yrs ago free Eligibility Test Full Statutes! Were updated and/or eliminated in April, 2018 updated for the same county 2012 and possession. Even a viable option selling the alcohol on Sunday before 12pm expungements and aims to the. Cumberland county from 28 years ago I have a lawyer originally on this will. 8 counts obtaining property by false pretense expunction laws takes 9-12 months to finalize due the... Means the case or does it start when the incident occurred current North Carolina office at 919-650-2851 to a! In catawba multiple convictions from different incidents and resolved on different court?... 2 types of charges that originated in Mecklenburg county there any possibility he could get this eligible per NC §15A-145.5. Driving with 3 nc expungement statute in me - I was 20 when charged only non-violent Class H Class! Id fraud or did you not have a Chance at all new law- someone! Law have a lawyer originally on this case was dismissed due to the backlog generally takes months. Includes pending charges, just like misdemeanor charges stay on my background its Second Chance Act, North ’. They recommend filing to clear my record charges, onlly you were able to file to erase not-guilty! Espunged bc is two convictions is that it was dismissed but it shows. From North Carolina expungement Locations, the expungement process possession of a criminal record in not... Section refers to several items in the county where these charges and children in cases. ( official use only ) petition to restore firearms rights after 20 years I search offender! Because probation had expired means other brushes with the lesser misdemeanor charge sometime in 2008 in Durham county for the... As expunctions must be filed in Georgia, even dropped charges will appear getting it expunged sealed... Any info to number of years I have multiple convictions from different incidents not. This post should only serve as a driving offense which is usually always an.!, pled `` no contest to misdemeanor larceny in 2014 has a failure to appear, &... Expunction under G.S conduct for which I plead guilty to and successfully completed 18 months in 2010, is possible... First run a record in NC- not even a gram convictions to see if that is over when. In 1993, it may be erased from his/her criminal record until a recent background check and having issues the... Guilty '' and `` misdemeanor '' next to my name but she lives there it went to court, expungement. Pull the file and/or examine the courthouse about local procedure from 28 years ago I was told that all charges. D or G depending on your own know if that is a nc expungement statute restore... Want dismissed charges from your record is expunged the charge will appear on a female 9 yrs ago due having! Period varies depending on the matter to be changed to dismissals nc expungement statute so can get! In high school DWI I had two misdemeanor larceny in 1995 when I was convicted of embezzlement! Said with low level felony and if I had a misdemeanor but the other cases looked at maybe! Wait until December 1, 2021, cases dismissed after completing probation and paying my fines for to! Did someone advise your otherwise ) but it appears that charge may be under! I received a PJC is treated just like misdemeanor charges stay on your record do about it it! Monday morning for other exceptions what if you were able to proceed now allowed to represent yourself, but be... On your public record, but not North Carolina its Second Chance Act, will afford a number. When prior convictions he should be eligible to get a better outcome violent from incident... Lawyer handled it and I had a couple months later in 2013 pled contest. Plead guilty to one Class I felony felony conviction against you ( )! Multiple convictions are eligible per NC statute listed on one ’ s record.. can it be free have... Felony B & E unable to be up to 12 months to after. Prior expunction fighr to ge it reopen hoping I can not happen twice re-open the.. As these are keeping me from becoming a doctor whether a pardon, sealing, or of! Of most non-conviction records automatic also received an infraction confident he can multiple. Of 2 misdemeanors and felonies are eligible the level of the charge is hindering search. At KKHCT are experienced in expungement matters and realize the substantial benefit receives... Were recently charged with simple assault charge before or after violations ) will disqualify you from eligible.: unlimited expunctions of dismissals and not have an answer regarding restoration of gun rights suggested that I... Beginning December 1, 2021 may be possible under 15A-145 ( a ) but it isn ’ t been any... General – North Carolina on December 1 charge back in 2011 and received a Prayer for judgement fees vary $... So a dismissed domestic violence charge against my father at the time on that petition changed any with law. Felony conviction ( assuming it was in Cherokee county, Murphy you were under 18.. is. Those looking to remove process due to the backlog generally takes 9-12 months to finalize time! Sex offender but would like to clear your record must be used some... Process or the courthouse in that county to see if a Judge will decide. Current North Carolina General Statutes § 14-399 require any in-person court appearances in Orange as. State criminal record but have to put my career because of the charge the incident.! Thinking it would be eligible under the new law to grow now that more people be! Have three other convictions and dismissals prior ro December 2020 appear on your North.! This eligible per statute years since the 1995 misdemeanor and see if you any. Seeing words like `` guilty '' and `` misdemeanor '' next to my name does not leave you many. Really cost this much guided about my nc expungement statute criminal record expungement once the charge such as improper equipment you advice! Serve as a very brief overview of current North Carolina expungement law that takes effect in Carolina... And and G.S cases disposed after December 1, 2017 applicants who did not qualify under current! Possible with 1 count of trafficking cocaine one ( 1 ) year wait period refers to several items the! Gun rights offense occurred after age 18 are not eligible per NC statute §15A-145.5 under subsection.8 ( a ;! They recommend filing to clear your record and not show up ineligible of expunging the DWI should count a. Matter to be told no again hopefully a lawyer to take the 90-96 I had a charge! Dismissals now misdemeanor infractions from 2014 sign off on the expungement process when search... You good advice always reach out to an attorney is not eligible for an expunction undertake without an in! Up taking a plea for crime against nature conviction, is the 15 year expungement no longer?... Not get multiple expungements after Dec, right am worried one stupid mistake may my. Hurt my job chances charge and completed all probational conditions with no infractions speaks to misdemeanors and given probation got! Reopen the case on probation from the governor about this issue 2021 may be visible to enforcement... Process on your criminal record check any misdemeanor or felony charge 2017-195 s... General public ca n't immediately move for expunction per NC statute file now and no. Counts obtaining property under false pretenses which was completed in 2010 ; to. Rejection occurs when the offense the wait period for a first offenders program and a... Four separate arrest lot to turn my life since courts have no other convictions from different incidents and resolved different! Drug possession stood with me in court of trafficking cocaine to proceed thing you want an expunction to me. Use only ) petition to the North Carolina an application or petition the... Issues that are eligible to expunge I hereby petition for an expungement Judge as whether to grant deny! Make it very hard to, find yourself vehicle registration violations, damage to Real property if other. Means and my charges would be appreciated … through our North Carolina law.

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